Case 01 – Harley-Davidson Motorcycles



Case 01 – Harley-Davidson Motorcycles ( 2 page long)

DUE:        Case Report must be submitted as a single .doc file here (click on item link below & follow the prompts) prior to class.

DUE:        Case Participation points are earned during in-class discussion which begins with a 10-minute “session” w/ your group followed by a 1-hour all class member discussion.

Required Analysis (submitted as part of the appendices of the case report .doc file):

First, complete a 5 C’s assessment including a SWOT and a Porter’s 5 Forces, 7 P’s of Marketing, a Boston Consulting Group Matrix, a Product Lifecycle assessment and anything else you might wish to add.

Second, after you have completed these analyses then incorporate your thoughts about the following (and include these in either your 2-page report and/or case report appendices:

1 – Recommend marketing decisions for a brand with extremely high brand loyalty in light of various consumer behavior indicators revealed through marketing research.

2 – What is the power of leveraging existing assets as opposed to innovating new products?

3 – What are the psychological basis of customer loyalty, including driver and metrics of customer loyalty. Experiment using the Customer Equity Model (CEM) slideshow posted below (and also located in the Slideshow topic section near the top of our Titanium webpage.

Case 01 – Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Additional instructions:

Loyalty is a big part, how to build loyalty with customers..


Lifecycle assessment,


If some of the 7 P’s are not included in the case, then do not include it.


1 Problem Section (no more half a page)

Case 01 – Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

2 Potential Solutions:


3 for Decision only 2 sentences for the last part of the decision.. no need to summarize what you already wrote.




CASE REPORT – Format & Style Guidelines




  • Use the exact underlined headings below when preparing your own case report.


  • Page Limit Report = 2 pages.


  • Page Limit Appendices = None. Add to your 2-page report to create a single file

Case 01 – Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

  • I do not accept late work. No excuses. No regrets.


  • It is critical that your writing be clear, concise and compelling.


IMPORTANT: Cite your work via endnote, footnote or in-body citations with references.


Marketing Tools, Models and Concepts: to better understand the organizations’ current situation conduct a SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces, 5 C’s of Strategy, Product Lifecycle or other marketing/management types of analyses.  Note: Include your actual SWOT, Porter’s or other analyses in the appendices of your case report. You should only mention a few highlights from your analyses in the problem definition section of your case report.



Establish cause and effect relationships:  Symptoms are not underlying diagnoses/problems (i.e., declining revenues, market share); therefore, isolate the key underlying problems (e.g., inappropriate target market, poor quality product, wrong channel of distribution) to describe why a symptom has arisen. There are at least 5 problems facing a firm at any given time.

 Case 01 – Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Potential Solutions

Identify, analyze and compare/contrast potential solutions against one another following this format:

Option 1:  Describe



Option 2:  Describe



Option 3: Describe





Compare/Contrast the potential solutions and make a decision as to which ones to implement.




1 – Follow the report format on page 1 of this document and limit your report to 2 single-spaced pages. Do not include a cover page.


  • Place your full name and the title of the report in the ‘header’ section.

Case 01 – Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

  • Use an easy-to-read font and number the pages in the ‘footer’ section.


  • Submit your report .doc file via Titanium prior to our scheduled class time the date it is due.


2 – Reports must conform to generally accepted rules of usage and grammar.


  • Neat presentation and readability are extremely important.


  • Do not just rely on ‘spell checker’. Carefully proof read your work.


  • Avoid use of contractions (e.g., don’t, can’t) and industry or contemporary jargon/slang. Use acronyms after you define them the first time. For example, you would define your course materials company like this the 1st time:  Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP), and like this the 2nd time:


3 – Effective reports will make use of relevant financial or other data. Cut and paste/embed data tables, figures, or graphs from Excel or Powerpoint as appendix items at the end of your Word report.


(a)  Do not expect your reader to “figure out” the purpose and meaning of an appendix  item that appears at the end of your report. Provide a Title at the top of the appendix item and the Source at the bottom of the appendix item. If you are the source of the appendix item (your original ideas or analyses without any input from the case itself) then you do not need to provide the name of the source for the appendix item.


(b)  Label the appendix items and refer to them explicitly in your case report

(e.g., see Appendix A).


(c)  Do not cut and paste tables, charts or figures from the actual case itself. Do not retype such exhibits. Instead refer me to them in the body of your report or in your appendices as follows: (see Case Exhibit 1).