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Career Goals in Public Health Sector

When I was growing up, it was always my dream to work in the public health sector. To begin with, the desire to ensure that the number of the death rate in the country is reduced always motivated me to ensure that one day I have the means to do so. Besides, one of the reasons that also acted as a catalyst towards my ambition of working in the public health sector was my hope that poor people can be educated on how to live healthy lives. Moreover, there was a rampant increase in the number of youths who were infected with HIV/AIDS, a revelation that there needs to be a strengthening of the sexual reproductive health in the nation. To that end, I have several goals for my career.

First of all, I do subscribe to the idea that once I complete my studies, I will be in a position to be a community health employee. Here, I will be able to enlighten the members of the community on issues regarding the prevention of diseases as well as what to do in situations whereby an individual is not feeling well. For instance, I will educate the community on good hygiene, a topic that I believe is critical towards ensuring that they are not sick.Career Goals in Public Health Sector

Equally, one of my career goals is to ensure that I am a positive role model for all the employees of the public health sector. For instance, I can accomplish this by ensuring that I demonstrate very high levels of commitment to my work. This is vital because it is a platform that will ensure that other employees can imitate my way of working. Thus, we will have the means to improve the lives of our young people.

Above all, my career goal is also to ensure that I develop a model that can act as a device for strengthening the sexual reproductive health.  This is significant because it will act as a platform through which people will have an understanding of ensuring that they do not involve themselves in drug abuse activities as well as ensure that they use protection if engaged in sexual activities. Therefore, I will have the conditions to ensure that cases of teen pregnancies are reduced. Besides, the number of people infected with HIV/AIDS will reduce.Career Goals in Public Health Sector

In conclusion, my ambition has always to be a public health employee. My goals for this career include developing a model for strengthening the sexual reproductive health, be a positive role model to my fellow employees and thus be in a position to improve the lives of our people.