Canyon Creek Soup Company

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Canyon Creek Soup Company

Canyon Creek Food Company is based in Edmonton, Alberta and has specialized in the manufacture and selling of a wide range of prepared foods to institutional customers, food service, and groceries all across Canada. Initially, the company focused on gravies, fresh soup, and sauces through Canyon Creek Soup, one of its subsidiaries. Since then, the company has added to its menu, salads and entrées. Chili, lasagna, cheese, and macaroni are some of the products added to the company’s line of Big Joe entrees. According to the information found on its website, Canyon Creek Food Company is controlled by Brian Halina that holds 59% of its shares (Canyon Creek, 2015). Additionally, he serves as its chairman. The company is now without competitors. Campbell Soup Company, General Mills Incorporation, Heinz Kraft Foods Company, Maple Leaf Food Incorporation, Mondelez International Incorporation, and Renee’s Gourmet Foods Incorporation are some of the companies that offer similar food products as Canyon Creek.

“We make fresh food and nothing else”. This is the quote found at the company’s website. The quote implies that canyon Creed Soup Company has focused on fresh foods alone and does not attempt to be good at everything. The company uses the best ingredients from places already established. They include Alberta beef, fresh mushrooms obtained from B.C., clams obtained from Canada’s east coast, and fresh vegetables. It is seen that there is great satisfaction what is gained when something is prepared well. The most amazing thing is that no additives or preservatives are used. The company reports having worked with many restaurants and companies in the past years, which has led to the creation of replication of a variety of food products that meet customers’ needs.

According to John Lucas (2015), the company plans to enter the American market where it is expected to perform better in Los Angeles compared to Edmonton. Moreover, the Edmonton Journal reports that the company works with certain customers for whom it does private label so that it is not know it is the same company made these products for them. The customers therefore put their own labels on these products. So far, the company has entered into agreement with a large reta