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Buying Plasma TVs


Online Research
Explore a website related to BUYING a product such as plasma TVs. Choose two main topics covered by the website that you found helpful. Based on your observations, answer the following questions:

  • Why you found these topics to be helpful?
  • How you think these topics may be helpful to other?
  • What are the pros and cons of the information presented in the topics that you chose?
  • What information would you have added or subtracted from these topics to make them effective for the website visitor?

Submission Requirements:

  • Submit your responses in a Microsoft Word document of the following specifications:
    • Font: Arial; 12-Point
    • Line Spacing: Double
    • Length: 2 pages
  • Include an APA title page. Refer to the sample APA title page given in the handout titled “APA Title Page Format” at the end of the study guide.
  • Cite the source in APA format in-text and on the References List page.


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In the article titled “Buy the last great plasma TV while you still can” published on “C/Net” on November 3rd 2014; I singled out two points that I found to be highly important. The first one is the author’s vivid description of the Samsung’s PNF8500 and the second one is the his reminder that Plasma TVs would be out of stock soon, hence everyone ought to buy while they could still can (Katzmaier, 2014).

Regarding the vivid description, I found it useful because it clearly explained to the potential buyer what sort of a TV they were buying, hence encouraging the concept of purchasing rooted in knowledge. In the article David Katzmaier described the Samsung’s PNF8500 plasma TV as having the ability to deliver “the deep black levels and excellent off-angle and screen uniformity of plasma, along with the brightest plasma picture we’ve ever tested.” Needless to say, this information is highly informative. Regarding the reminder to that the offer was the last one since the company would not make any more plasma TVs, I find it important because it instills a sense of urgency, encouraging potential customers to buy so that they are not locked out in future when the product rums out of stock.

These topics may be helpful to others because of various reasons. For instance, the description of the Plasma TV by Katzmaier allows for comparison with other TVs, encouraging consumers to make the best decision. If one wanted to buy a TV was in doubt which one to go for, they could compare between the PNF8500 and any other of their choice, creating variety and making sure they choose that which best fists them. The reminder that the TV described was the last Plasma TV on stock was not only helpful for customers, but to the company as well since it would boost sales as consumers rushed to beats the deadline and make the purchase.

The information presented has the advantages of providing customers with a clear description of the product, thus making it possible for them to measure quality, based on their expectations, which ultimately would lead to them making better purchasing choices to maximize their utility (Oncel, 2015). It also allows them to push forward their decision to