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Burce Bogusk Talk on Motivation



Burce Bogusk Talk on Motivation

Bogusk did an amazing thing at the motivation talk. It was nothing about his knowledge or his genius that made the talk amazing; in fact, there was nothing new in his talk. However, it is one of the best motivational talks I have heard in my life. He said normal things but his way of explaining them brought them to focus and made them so much clearer. From his talk, I could understand why I do some things in life and most importantly how I sell myself short most of the times.

During the first few minutes of the talk I realized that I have wasted a lot of my ideas in life because I simply discarded them a crazy or not good enough or someone else thought they were not good enough. As I listened to this bit, I realized that I may have bypassed some of the best opportunities in life looking for the ideal idea without realizing that ideal may just be downright crazy. This was the piece of information that stung me the most and during the entire talk, it kept popping in my head that it would never hurt to try anyway.

From this talk, I also realized another aspect of my life that could be hindering my rise to the top. Bogusk said that people hardly give 100% and the sad thing was that it was true. Sometimes I go about life being content with enough when I can do so much better. I can easily motivate myself to be better and it does not even take much. I realized that I have no contract with anyone on how to live my life. I also realized that each time I give less than 100%; I am selling myself short and not anyone else. I realize now that I can’t be perfect right away but each day I can strive to be better, with each task, I can do a little better.Burce Bogusk Talk on Motivation

In this talk, there was nothing boring about time management. There was nothing about planning my future or tracking every minute of my life but there was the best lesson in time management. This lesson is that the only time that matters is the moment I am in at any particular time. In future, when I tend to worry about what I have not done and what I am yet to do I will quiet that little voice at the back of my head an focus on the ‘now’ because it is the only time that I am assured of.

I realized that as a young person, I worry a lot because there is so much worrying information all around me. I can however choose to be positive. I can choose a smile and choose positive affirmations. I realized that I am the biggest advertiser of who I am. What I tell myself is what matters in the long run. In the final exercise about the brain thinking in pictures, I made a promise to myself to give my brain only the best picture about who I think I am and believe in it so much that I see and hear the best version of myself.

Burce Bogusk is a witty motivational speaker and the best part of the talk was how he used humor to drive the point home. I am determined to be a better individual. I have relied on people a lot in the past to help me reach the top without realizing that it is me who has to work on myself.Burce Bogusk Talk on Motivation