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Bottleneck refers to a single process in a chain of procedures which when limited in capacity hinders the capacity of the entire supply chain.

Three of the bottlenecks in the above map are;

  • Trucking and logistical service
  • Cold storage facility
  • Interim storage cold facility
  1. Quality at the source refers to a manufacturing principle that requires that it is important to measure quality output at every stage of the manufacturing process because all the steps are relevant in the productive process.

From the above map; the following two locations would be important for the quality of the source

  • Customer field locations

It will be critical for the organization to analyze the locations of the customers because this is going to inform them on the numbers of the clients who use the materials that they use for recycling. Areas with higher clients should have more people sent to collect the items for recycling.

  • Cold Storage facility

The cold storage facility should be of high quality and optimally functioning.

  1. If trucking became an issue to supply the inventory to the QSL focal point, the mitigation strategy that I would employ is adding capacity by increasing the number of the trucks for transporting the inventory to the QSL focal point.

Bottleneck refers to a single process in a chain

  1. The other 4 S are;

– Sort

– Set


– Sustain

The importance of shine

Shine focuses on the cleanliness of the workplace and this is important because it ensures that things are ready for use when needed.


  1. The three main goals of project management are;

–    Function

One of the goals is to ensure that the project is focusing on the work in which it was established to perform

  • Cost

The budget demands of the project should be met


  • Timing

The completion date of the project is also critical and thus, it should be adhered.

  1. Work breakdown structure is defined as a graphical presentation of all the things required to be accomplished by a project.

It is important to identify all the activities and tasks in the WBS because;

  • It informs the management of the project of the potential risks and hence enables them to come up with the ways of mitigating them
  • It allows for proper planning because the employees of the organization have an understanding of what needs to be done and at what stage.



  1. Critical path refers to a sequence of activities between a project’s start and finish that takes the longest time to complete and it informs the management of the project of the actual project schedule.


  1. List and briefly describe 3 of the 6 dominant factors in locating manufacturing facilities, as discussed in class and the book.

Factor 1: Proximity of customers and market

This is where you evaluate how conveniently customers carry on business with the manufacturing facilities you are considering. It is important when outbound transportation rates are high.

Factor 2: Proximity to Suppliers and Resources

It is essential when inbound transportation costs are high.

Factor 3: Labour Climate

Maybe the most important factor especially when the manufacturing felicities you are locating are in labor-intensive industries.

  1. The plant manager Kelly Thompson view of JIT was that she needed to better understand the philosophy and know how to implement it. Thereby she decided to take action and first study about it.
  2. Describe the term ERP system? Discuss why an ERP system doesn’t work for most organizations?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is integrated management of core business processes; it is mediated by software technology.

The implementation and maintaining a large scale ERP resource can require multimillion dollars to invest. While using ERP essential steps such as risk assessment, benefits analysis, performance objectives, and cash flows are typically discarded.  Expenditures of the company are transformed into assumptions and this transforms the company into a paragon of efficiency.  This misguided approach sets a sequence of events thus leading to objective failure. Thus concluding ERP is a bad investment decision. Most companies base their decision on whether to choose ERP on its previous failures thus concluding it doesn’t work.Bottleneck refers to a single process in a chain