from the book:templeton plan 21 steps to personal success and real happiness

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pick any chapter (not chapter 1) from the book
should inform classmates about what the article said, what you learned, and how we can apply the learnings in the real world

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21 to Personal Success and Real Happiness: Helping Yourself by Helping Others

Helping other is an essential part that implies bonding together and humanity. Stories told about individuals who help others are very inspiring. There are men and women that have devoted their lives to help others. These range from the police force that ensure the protection of our cities, to the firefighters who rush to buildings on fire to save lives and property from destruction, to uniformed men and women in the military that risk their lives for the good of our nation. However, the act of helping others is not limited to any of these gestures. It is something that can be achieved on each and every day. The act is not always a selfless one as through helping others, the individual doing it can also benefit. Therefore, regardless of the motivation, the key is to help others. ………..

In order for an individual to progress to the level of whereby he can help others, the first step is based on exploring the talents possessed by the individual carefully. This will involve choosing a career carefully in order to ascertain that a person does what he or she loves most. At the starting point, people seem confused. Therefore, an individual needs to ask himself a number of questions before engaging in a given career or starting a certain business. These questions are helpful in figuring out both dream work and environment.

A successful individual has to formulate strategy to manage their talent in order to map out priorities and goals.  The most difficult part involves getting started with the most appropriate framework for the plan. Personal talent can be viewed as an expertise that is developed through self-understanding, self-regulation and decision making.Individuals with talents have to understand their strengths and also weaknesses. They have to make good decisions, formulate clear goals of high levels for their lives. They also succeed in realizing those goals even in the midst of setbacks and challenges. Through talent, individuals attain self-actualization and experience high levels of well-being and life satisfaction.