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The paper is about how board of education in as certain school wants to regain its coverage lot by introducing layoffs to reduce their budget.



Work Load.
The issue in the work load is that the board wants to regain coverage lost by layoffs and reduce the budget as well as cut off the cost through increasing teachers work load. In better times the shorter work day was agreed when the budget was able to tolerate it, thus the board feels that the time should be returned. The board also feels that it should increase system-wide ratio from the current level which they feel is important for budgetary reasons. The board wants to have the power to assign each teacher to a duty during the 75 minutes gained from eliminating duty-free time.
1. Residence point.
i. School to resume normal operation.
ii. Board of education and teachers’ association should come to an agreement.
iii. Avert the teachers strike.
iv. Unwillingness to accept the increased taxation to pay for education.

2. Target point.
i. Increase the system-wide ratio from current level 32 to approximately 35.
ii. Regain coverage lost by layoffs.
iii. Reduce the budget while minimizing…………………………..

The board wants to benefit during times of sever budgetary curtailment by minimizing expenditure, including their direct costs such as claims reimbursement, as well as costs of administering such programs that would be incurred by the school system. Expenditure incurred by the board in sick leaves during severance will be minimized thus benefiting the board of education. The board wishes to go for up to two days bereavement leave in case of the death of the teacher’s immediate family member. The deduction of the amount received for jury duty from a teacher’s regular daily rate of pay. The board also seeks to limit childbirth leaves up to 6 weeks for female employees and not more than 3 weeks for male employees (spouse). Furthermore the board prefers that childbirth leaves to be included in teachers’ total sick leave benefits.
1. Residence point.
i. Childbirth leave should not be included in teachers’ total sick leave.
ii. The amount received for jury duty from a teacher’s daily rate of pay should not be deducted.
iii. Board of education and teachers’ association should come to an agreement.
iv. To reduce expenditure.
v. Accumulated sick leave upon severance expenditure should not be minimized.

2. Target point.
i. Minimize the accumulated sick leave upon severance expenditure.
ii. Minimize expenditure for benefits.
iii. Reduce bereavement leave………………………………