Blowarcade Heels “Doctor”

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Market Analysis
Blowarcade Heels “Doctor” operates in a service cum production industry.
Our business is located in a buzzing working environment. Vancouver, a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia, is among Canada’s densest, most ethnically diverse cities which also serve as the most vibrant economies in the world. The working class provides a perfect market for our products with the ready clientele. The central strategic placement of our business brings our products to the people at their convenience. Our client base is defined by the working population in the several offices and other business premises around us. Our location gives us easy access to all the working-class ladies in the city. Besides the city population, we also hope to enjoy doing business with the occasional visitors in the city and even people living in the outskirts of the city.
Blowarcade will be used to showcase as an epitome of classy footwear. Women should feel comfortable after wearing them.  Classy footwear acts as a status symbol and certainly have an aura about them. Our objective is to provide comfortable quality high heeled shoes.
Getting clients to subscribe and remain loyal to your brand in the wake of the ever-rising competition can present lot of challenges to many businesses. In our set up, however, we plan to thrive by making sure we offer the best qualities and provide the best services the industry has ever experienced. When dealing with ladies, it is important to first recognize their preferences and pay attention to all details. There are basic principles that all heel shoes clients consider before subscribing to any dealer’s services such as; price of the product, its quality and its durability.  To address such factors, we have spent enough time and resources to make sure we meet our customers’ expectations. Our workers have undergone top-class training; they are highly creative and have lot of work experience in this sector which allows them to provide superior products as compared to our competitors. Our shoe designs are mostly custom-made to suit each client’s need. As a business, we value our clients and strive to provide value for their money. We give a listening ear as well as discussing the various design options before embarking on our work. By the virtue of being our clients, you not only enjoy our paid products but also get access to the trending news on shoes and the requisite advice on designs free of charge. Products are delivered within a week and at a very nominal rate. With everything in place, we aim to have hundreds of ladies on the waiting lists to buy our product albeit the many other similar businesses around and this can only happen if our product is highly reputed in the market.

In our line of operations, we recognize and appreciate the existence of our competitors. The heels removal business has in the recent past attracted a lot of players due to the trending flat shoe galore. The main competitors who have been in the business before us include Max’s shoe repair and Bytown shoe designers. Even though most of our competitors offer similar services, they overcharge the customers. But now, new companies are entering the industry. Customers are getting cheaper products with better quality. In the last two years for instance, in this central business district alone, we have witnessed a 76% increase in the number of companies. The increasing number of players offers a very stiff competition for our company (Paik, 2012). Therefore, we have come up with certain customer appreciation programs such as giving gift hampers, offering discounts to our customers. These programs will not only help to maintain the customer’s loyalty to our products but will also serve to make them aware of how much we appreciate their engagement with us. We will carry out Community Social Responsibility in the surrounding society which also serves as a brand sensitization campaign. During these events, we offer apprenticeship programs to those aspiring to join the industry.
Our market is divided into four segments; the Eastern, the