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Black women are now the most educated group in America?
• Why did you select this topic, discuss its significance in detail
I selected this topic because I have always been fascinated by education demographics as well as the influence of race on education. I wanted to understand what the education sector now looks in form of gender and race. I wanted to know if the country is making progress or stagnated in the past. I wanted to understand if gender balance has been maintained or improved. I chose the topic to see if the fight for gender equality is progressing and bearing fruit. I also wanted to understand what the statistics of men in education are today. I also want to know why black women have been paid less since the past.

2. Cite the complete source that informs your understanding of the issue you selected.
Helm, A. (2016). Most educated group in US. Retrieved from

3. “Cite” your methodology associated with this issue (this refers to a theory, use one from the assigned chapters or class notes). Select the theory that most closely relates to your topic.
• Cite the title of theory
Conflict theory
• Cite the theory definition
Conflict theory is the argument about the differences that changes bring about in institutions as people try to make use of the few available resources.

• Cite the theorist most closely associated with this theory
Karl Marx

4. Discuss (in detail, at length) your thoughts on the following:
• Who/what is responsible for this issue
White privilege is responsible for this issue. First, white privilege is the reason that black women feel the pressure to work twice as hard in schools and attain an education in order to better their lives. This has led to black women being the most educated group in the United States. Despite being the most educated, black women still face low pay issues as well as difficulties joining the private sector. It is unfair that they are not being judged by what they bring to the table but by the color of their skin.
• What are the remedies for this issue?Black women are now the most educated group in America
The private sector should consider hiring more black women because clearly they have a lot to bring on board. The educated black women can also take the extra miles and build their own companies that promote their skills and at the same time mentor other young black women to positions of power; After all if you can’t beat them you should join them. The government should set the first example by employing black women in positions of power, if the government shows their faith in them, other institutions might as well. Furthermore, given this chances, these women will have a chance to show their skills and produce good results that might change their current story. The black should also set up unions and fight for salary rises as well as better pay because they probably work twice as hard.
• Who should be responsible for correcting this issue?
Society as a whole should correct this issue. The government, the private sector and other institutions need to support black women that have worked hard to improve their status in society.
• What does this issue say about the American Educational System in 2018?
The American Education System in 2018 is experiencing a shift in ideologies. Not only is the power balance in gender education experiencing change but also the race issue. Finally the American Education system is changing and women are having far better chances at proper education. Race no longer seems to be a hindrance to education and it looks like America finally has achieved education beyond color and gender.Black women are now the most educated group in America

5. What are the future implications of this issue and explain your rationale in detail.
The future implication of this situation is that more women will attain a higher education compared to men in the future. While it seems like they are not winning the war on equal pay, their continued high graduation rates will one day mean that they lead more institutions and achieve better pay. The future implication of less educated men is however not as encouraging. The future is definitely brighter for the black girl child and one day, they will rewrite their story. They have already begun this by going to school and graduating college which was not always the case in past eras.
6. Cite and discuss the “core” reason you think this issue exists. The core reason this issue exists is inequality in gender pay in workplaces. In the whole world, women are constantly fighting for equal pay that their male colleagues get paid for doing the same work. Women work hard in school and have shown that they deserve better. While equality may not just be handed to them, I believe that they can fight this given time. There was a time women were not allowed to work or to vote. They managed to fight for their rights through uniting together; this too will come to pass.Black women are now the most educated group in America