Black Children Education

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Black Children Education

  1. Introduction

Studies show that the economic depression that has occurred over the last five years has pushed black children further into the abyss of poverty, hunger, homelessness, and despair (CDF 3). Black children and youths continue to grapple with the difficulties of life, which increases the risk of the children becoming part of the……..

Schools that are predominantly black have less qualified teachers, inadequate education facilities, and resources (CDF 5). The deficiency is even reflected in the recruitment of teachers. A national survey revealed that only seven percent of public school teachers are black,………….

  • Poverty

Perhaps one of the main factors that limit the knowledge of black children is poverty. In 2013, approximately 10.9 million students were from low-income families (Ladd 4). Moreover, 33 percent of these children were from black households. Poverty limits a kid’s level of education preparedness. Studies……….

In a 2013 report by Austin Nichols, it was stated that the gap between black and white higher education was wider than it had been 50 years earlier. This was a worrisome trend that shows the counterproductive nature of policies that the government has put in place over the years to promote educational equality……….

Furthermore, family incomes and neighbourhood characteristics play a crucial role in the quality of schools that many black children go to. Moreover, black children experience few black teachers in the classroom. Therefore, the children have no mentors to guide them and motivate them to take school………..

  • Parent’s Involvement/Participation

Research shows that parental involvement among black families is low. Most black families consist of single parents. Children lack a stable family that would support their education (CDF 3). Additionally, the rate of abuse and neglect among black families is high. Most of the black families live in abject………….

Black parents have a low degree of education as shown in figure four. Most of the parents do not graduate high school (CDF 5). Parents with a low education level cannot motivate their children to excel. Lowly educated parents………

  • Pre-school Education

There are wide disparities in development and school readiness in the early stages of childhood development between white and black children (ED 2). Studies show that black preschoolers have high rates of suspension………

  1. The History of Black Children Education

Since 1900, schools for the black children had an entirely different curriculum compared to what the schools for the whites……….

At the tip of 1930, the education for black children had improved drastically. This was after the Jim Crow schools received a considerably high admission rates. Unfortunately, only literacy tests were conducted to determine the capabilities of an individual to work. In Georgia, literacy rates……….

Today, the United States has realised the underlying problem in the education system for black children. In an article written by Skiba et al., the authors note that Barack Obama’s recent declaration that required……….

  1. Conclusion

Several limiting factors affecr Black children education. The three top factors that have had adverse effects on the education of the black child include poverty, little parental involvement and education, and limited access to pre-school programs. These factors limit access to education and results in poor academic performance. Moreover, most of the black children drop out of school and end up……..