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Behaviorism and Classroom Management


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Behaviorism and Classroom Management

Behaviorism approach is concerned with human beings’ observable and measurable aspects of conduct. In this regard, behaviorists emphasize on the changes exhibited by people as a result of stimulus-response attributions made by learners. In a classroom setting, educators around the world rely on effective use of this approach in order to facilitate learning. However, critics argue that this method does not yield…………….

To begin with, stimuli directs behaviorism. In this aspect, a learner is able to select a single response to a particular stimulus as a result of prior psychological conditioning. The common classroom stimuli include punishment and rewards (Dicke et al., 2015). An application of the behaviorist theory enhances positive reinforcements and thus ease the learning process. For instance, an instructor can be able to nurture……………

On the other hand, negative reinforcement is necessary for stopping undesirable behaviors in the classroom. Some actions can be used to cease annoying conducts in the classroom. When negatively reinforced, the irritable behavior ends up withering. Facial expressions and high intonation are some………..

However, punishment in class might lead to negative implications (Dyson, 2015). In the case involving the student, he/she might be suffering from various psychological issues that prompt the bad classroom behavior. The use of punishment as a corrective measure against the student would lead to worsened behavior………..