Barriers that affect the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Niger Delta

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Barriers that affect the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Niger Delta


The Niger Delta has been known as one of the rich areas in terms of the exploration of oil in the African continent. The main company running its business in the Niger Delta is the Shell Bp. The setting up of the company was seen as a major step towards changing the lifestyles of the native individuals. However, this has not been the case. The poor community-company relationships have hit the areas for over a long period………………………

Niger Delta.


Environmental pollution

Oil exploration is a major source of revenue in Nigeria making up 95% of its exports and 80% of its annual revenue. The resource has boosted the economy of the country in terms of infrastructure development as well as foreign trade. Shell BP has over the years done its business in the country……………

Control theory

The control theory looks at the ability of the corporates to act correctly in terms of their operations. In this case, the companies involved in the exploration of oil in the Niger Delta have over the years gone against the corporate theory by causing environmental degradation. The spilling of oil in the water sources has led to the death of aquatic life…………

Moreover, the exploration of the oil in the area has resulted to air pollution. Apparently, air pollution tends to be a threat to the health of the inhabitants of the Niger Delta. In the recent past, cases of respiratory disorders have been reported in the region. Moreover, the death toll in the region as a result of the airborne diseases…………..

Social responsibility theory

According to the fundamental principle of the environmental laws, the “polluter pays” for the damages caused to the natural environment. The law stipulates that in the event of a company causing pollution to the environment, it is meant to pay for the damages caused to the local inhabitants. However, this has not been the case in the Niger Delta…………

Research methodologies

In the event of the research, some of the research methodologies will play a major role in the collection of the data and coming up with the findings. Apparently, in this case, the best forms of research methodologies will be the use of interviews………….


In the case of the questionnaires, a sample of the population of the people of the Niger Delta will be taken and used as the respondents. The researcher will take 50 inhabitants both males and females. The questionnaires will be sent to…………


The researcher will come up with short but precise questions to be used for the interview. Then, he will choose locations within the Niger Delta where………