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Bad Thermodynamics

Description of the problem

The current economic recession has caused immense rise in the gas prices .In an effort to save money, many people are eager to try any solutions that seem to solve the problem. Due to this desperate situation some individuals are taking advantage……….

Analysis of the Problem

In the article, “ More profit with less carbon” , Scientific American on September 2005, p.g.74, Amory Lovins gives a theory based on the compounding losses figure. He ignores the use of renewable resources………….

The Compounding Losses theory states that energy is lost in the movement of fluid through a pipe on the way from a power generator to an industrial plant. In fact, less than 10 % of the initial energy obtained from the fuel is delivered as energy from the fluid’s motion………

Lovins’ metric, cannot be improved thus proving its fallacy further that the energy transfer happens only during acceleration, constantly accelerating and breaking a vehicle would convey more of the fuel energy to motion of the driver. In contrast, steady speed driving transfers no extra energy to the driver……….


The laws of thermodynamics state that heat energy is not useful at typical temperatures and only 1/3 of that heat energy is theoretically converted to electrical, mechanical, or other forms of useful forms energy required to perform work (Locke 86). A fraction of the heat energy which was lost unavoidably can be recycled………..