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Avoiding Conflict of Interest

In any profession, an employee will come across situations which can compromise his or her ethics. One can be faced with tough decision making moments that at times involve conflict of interest. Avoiding peopled with high standards of morals, conflict of interest does not affect them. The best way to avoid conflict of interest from arising in an organization or any profession is to have laid down rules and procedures that prevent one from engaging in self benefiting acts. Within the realm of clinical research, there are rules and regulations that are used to help a person avoid conflict of interest and other ethical issues. For instance, funding of clinical research is well monitored to avoid the researcher from receiving funds from certain companies or organizations in order to produce a report that is in favor of the respective organization or company. This is usually the main source of conflict of interest where a person is morally compromised by the allure of money. Additionally, when carrying out clinical research, a researcher is expected to have full disclosure to the participants about the research and their role in the research. This is to avoid ethical issues which might arise in latter stages such as court cases which are based on the researcher giving misleading information. Moreover, the researcher is required to hide the identity of the subjects of the research. This is important since it directly affects those involved  with the research and if their identity is known might lead to discrimination in the society. Hiding the identity of the participants is a requirement to avoid some moral shortcomings. Finally, clinical research is closely supervised by various relevant bodies to ensure that the researcher does not engage in activities that seek to benefit himself or herself. conflict of interest can be hard for people who look at ways to benefit themselves. Avoiding Conflict of Interest