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Autonomous learning tools

Digital media

67 Essential tools of global interaction and literacy.
Autonomous learning tools 67 These are communication tools used by students to perfect their language and literacy skills through interaction, self-publishing and influencing society.
Global agency 67 The power to make meaningful choices and as a result see choices near and far.
Literacy within a power framework 67,68 Literacy instruction that enables individuals and communities to participate in the creation and exchange of meaning for greater civic, economic and personal participation in a world community.
Unidirectional material flows 68  The sourcing of English material from western countries for curriculums in other countries.
Tracking changes 69 An option for teacher and peer evaluation.
Automated writing evaluation software programs 69 Programs that allow students to revise their work by getting immediate feedback on their essays.
Cross-linguistic transfer 70 The transfer of aspects of other languages to English thus interfering with learning of English.
Technology mediated EIL communication 72 Electronic communication for academic, social and professional activities.
Culture three 73  A construct that facilitates communication between two groups that speak different languages.
Non-institutional contexts of English use 74 These are factors like appreciation of diversity, appreciation of different perspectives and positive reactions between natives that don’t speak English fluently.
telecollaboration 75 Class-to-class partnerships between students far away from each other through digital media.
Fault lines 77  The assumptions about language, culture and expectations in pedagogy.
Intercultural citizenship 78 Acquired through the learning of various cultures around the globe.
Symbolic competence 78 The ability to express, interprets, and negotiates meanings in dialogue with others thus improving the ability to produce and exchange symbolic goods across the globe.


  1. Key points from chapter 5 Author: Wake, Liaw, Warschauer
  • For EIL to be efficient, technology cannot be overlooked because digital communication relies on technology.
  • Global learning of different languages and especially English has been made better by digital communication.
  • The English curriculum is better of revised than importing it directly from the west.
  • Digital media is making teaching and learning easier and more efficient.

The EIL classroom is the new form of global learni