Authors’ Views About Writing

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Authors’ Views About Writing

The different books that we have read during this course present the authors claims about writing. The various ideas that are put forward can together result to quality writing among learners today. It is seen that every author addresses a certain area in writing. In general, it is seen that words matter. Moreover, the style of writing is also cherished asset. Writing should be done from a unique perspective and with a clear voice and style.

James Williams notes that readers do not find errors in a piece of writing unless they are looking for them. He says that in order for writers to achieve more improvement, they should develop more interest in reading. This will enable them find the errors. Moreover, he notes that by reading an essay in a manner that is not reflexive, we tend to identify fewer errors. Therefore, Williams claims that by re-reading and looking for simple errors, it is possible to identify them and even have them fixed. His words can be interpreted to mean that we can identify common errors in a piece of writing only if we are looking for them. Otherwise, one can read through a given piece of writing, and fail to identify any error. I do not disagree with the author since I can relate to all that he is informing us about.Authors’ Views About Writing

David Murray on the other hand conceptualizes the notion that all that is written about is autobiography. Murray clarifies writing by revealing habits, practices and processes of writers. His overall point is that “all writing is autobiographical”. Murray starts by narrating his varying experiences in writing. The author says that individuals are autobiographical in the way they write. Everyone sees, says, frames and decides to order things in ways that differ; hence individuals including writers tend to be ergo autobiographical. As a result, our voice, our history and our life cannot be overlooked when reading what we have written. By considering the implications of his arguments, it is clear that all writings can be traced to what is believed to be correct by the writer. Authors’ Views About Writing