Audience Analysis Assessment

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The two selected topics for the Audience Analysis Assessment include:-

  • Diversify the selection at the Benchmark
  • To establish an off campus store for teaching winery and brewery.

Diversification of the selection at the Benchmark

Diversification at the benchmark has to be in line with the objectives that the business has put in place. Most businesses fail due to poor strategies that are put in place, and these issues stem from the Human Resource department. Setting up unique selection processes is one of the ways that can be used to ensure that the organization gains a larger market share and leapfrog the rival firms. The selection process can be in line with the hiring processes or the types of products that the company produces. This is with the consideration of whether the products meet the consumers’ satisfaction.

Survey questions

In the process of conducting the survey, a series of questions will be carved out. 5 college students will be chosen, and below are some of the questions that will be put to them.

  1. What selection process do you believe will lead to the success of the business?
  2. What are the main consumable products from the neighbouring firms?
  3. What can the business do to gain a competitive advantage over the rival firms?
  4. What is the most suitable location for the business?
  5. Can college students help in marketing the products from the organization?

To: Project Manager

From: Coordinator

CC: Finance Officer

Subject: Audience Analysis Assessment

Students’ Knowledge of the Proposal

A majority of those who were interviewed had an idea about the project. Out of the five students, three believed that my proposed project would be a success, while two students had a different view. The two students felt that I needed to put more input and ideas into the business proposal to make it a success. The five students stated the location I had chosen for the business was good for the business, and I could operate for twenty four hours (Stutely 56) Moreover, the students believed that I had to be careful when selecting suppliers because some of the suppliers would end up being the cause of a failure to my business. As for the selection process, most of the students felt that I had to look at the qualifications and the working experience of the applicants before conducting a hiring process. However, the students did not have an idea of how I would implement diversification in the selection process of the Benchmark.

Students’ Attitude towards the Proposal

The students believed that I had taken the best step in initiating the business proposals, and it was the onset of an expanding business in the coming years. One of the students was visionary and he told me that in the near or distant future my business would compete with big companies in the market. The students urged me to be an opportunist in the market as well as aggressive. Finally, they were quick to provide a piece of advice that was related to the business being a slow process that required patient, determination and hard work.


Complexity of the proposal

The students believed that it would be hard to penetrate the market as new entrants. Moreover, the learners failed to understand how a new entrant in the market would come up with strategies aimed at winning rival firms’ customers (Stutely 87). I had to explain that business needs strategies and ideas, and my unique business strategies would help in penetrating the market.

Complexity of the idea

The students will have to understand that business hardly requires those with faint hearts. Therefore, being aggressive will give me an upper hand in ensuring that as a new entrant, I gain a large market share as compared to the rival firms already existing in the market.

Part 2

Establishment of an off campus store for teaching winery and brewery

The above business proposal is aimed at examining the generation of revenue from winery and brewery teaching services. The business is designated to employ ten qualified staff members with good customer-service skills. Its location of two hundred metres from the campus shows that most students will be attracted to the business parlour. In addition to the winery and brewery teachings, the store will also serve as a bar where students can relax while having some drinks.

Survey Questions

Below are some of the questions that the college students will have to answer.

  1. Do you think the location of the store is suitable for teaching winery and brewery?
  2. Name some of the strategies that the company can utilise to tap in more revenue.