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Attributes to racial disparities in education



Attributes to racial disparities in education

Racial disparities in education are articulated by poor academic performance of the racial groups like the African-American, American Indian and the rest. The following are some of the attributes to disparities in education along the racial lines. First; early childhood and child care. How the racial children are brought up is one of the leading factors to education disparity. Secondly;  immigration, when the racial groups migrate to the united states they feel like they are in a foreign  places and this affects their performance education wise since they feel they don’t belong in the states. lastly is that racial groups understand more than just one language and their English  accent can be a bit different  making it possible for other students to make fun of then therefore attributing to racial disparities in education.

Racial groups are one of the most undermined groups in the united states of America especially when it comes to education. Lets say for instance that am an African-American, in consideration to who I am, the following are ways on how I would identify myself to the non- racial groups. I would make it my choice to promote cultural knowledge to children in order to promote education.  I would also  encourage other educators and trainers to aspire as well as to value the knowledge that the immigrants bring to schools. I would also put together the cultural and intellectual asset that pupils from different races come with to school. I would educate the whole public on the importance of having different races in one school. Also advocate for good quality programs of education for them. Lastly I would promote for quality education for racial students. All these are to make the public understand on how great people of color are when it comes to education. All can bright when given the opportunity, the only difference is the color of their skins.Attributes to racial disparities in education