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The paper talks about the way technology is going to change the future and our daily lives.



The Attensity sells IP to incontact has used the combination of data/text/web mining techniques. This is searched in the World Wide Web as, It was blogged by Tom H. C. Anderson on 16th February 2016 about marketing research, sentiment analysis, software, and text analysis. According to Anderson, attensity is selling its IP assets to Incontact which is a provider of call center solutions. ……………..

The resent blog post shows that Attensity and Clarabridge both adhere to rule approach that needs costly and time-consuming customization. When text analytics market matures and customers become more informed, there will be increase in demand for more flexible solutions which are faster to run and easier to use…………..

In the future of electronics in next few years they are going to shape our daily lives in a more powerful way than ever. This electronics are omnipresent, sometimes they are in front and center like when we stare at the breathtaking colors of a new Ultra HDTV. The driving force behind next generation electronics is no longer speeds and feeds, through fast-growing loT, it’s now about building products that work more intelligently, integrate with other devices and machines, and streamline our businesses and lives by automating tasks……………….

IBM Watson Marketing Insights provides intellectual recommendations which are designed to help marketers to understand and anticipate the customer behaviors. It advices prioritizing target audience based on key predictors, or allows a person to explore his own, creating segments basing on a rich profile of customer data compiled from a number of sources utilizing complex and robust queries………………………..

In creativity meets Artificial Intelligence, IBM Watson is able to help story tellers to connect and engage with the audience. Behind the scene the Artificial Intelligence has helped to write hit songs, inspire fashion designers, and created new art works. IBM and Tribeca Film Festival are showcasing the next generation of storytellers; furthermore, Tribeca and IBM are inviting creative builders across media and entertainments to submit ideas on applying Watson to storytelling in digital forms…………………….