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Asymmetric warfare is the kind of warfare where by the forces in combat do not have the same strength in military power and thus, the tactics used by weak opponent are not conventional. That is, they can only be familiar with that one particular group. This is contrary to symmetric warfare where the opposing forces have the same military power and they both rely on tactics only. For instance, the Iraqi military ambushed the US military in a hit-and-run manner and also used bombs, so as to minimize on casualties on their side; the US military was stronger than they were as they used air strikes. Though the tactic favors the weak group and gives a chance of victory, however, it is unfair to the opponent…..Asymmetric warfare

Primacy is the fact where one is preeminent, superior or important. The US got to be preeminent after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 due to the fact that it has a large number of people. Moreover, the economy of the United States is strong and stable, amounting to around $15.0 trillion, this is inclusive of the goods and services. The gross domestic product is high, also, it also leads in resource and destination for investing directly. The US also has 8 of the largest technological companies and it being the world’s number one oil and natural gas producer also gives it primacy in contrast to other nations. The scientific institutions and universities are also high in ranking hence giving a chance to concentrate on other more pressing issues. Through the US foreign aid, solidifying political influence globally is with much ease and moreover its constitution is the oldest yet functional.

National style is whereby a country is influenced culturally on how to relate with other countries/nations, the manner of occurrence is influenced by various factors in that particular country for instance the political and the geographical setting whereby there was an increase in the number of states after the world war two. There is also the rapid yet uneven growth of population in countries, this results to increased demands on foods and other amenities resulting to experience of pressure in affected countries. Therefore, the focus on international relation is grossly affected. In other cases, the increasing gap between the poor and the rich also has an influence on the international, relation, this results due to the fact that resources are depleted and thus overdependence may occur if not kept in check. National exceptionalism is when a country deems itself to be extraordinary as compared to the rest. Recently the American exceptionalism has been focused in America’s influential power on the world.Asymmetric warfare