Article Review Let California Pick the Next President

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Article Review

Let California Pick the Next President

The article states that the residents of the state of California need to be given a chance to make their choice on who is to become the next president of the U.S. Most individuals believe that the state of California cannot play a role in changing a number………..

California Needs to Get Over Its Fantasy of Constant Growth

The article looks at the soaring population in the state of California and how the population is related to the infrastructure growth in the state……….

What Amnesiac California Needs Is a Museum of the Great Recession

The article by Joe Mathews looks at the normal day to day life that the people of California face including the soaring house prices and the high unemployment rates………..

What county fairs are good for?

The article by Joe Mathews focuses on the fair that take place in California and dates the fairs way long from the civil wars that took place in the country. Four types of entities operate fairs including counties, district agricultural associations, citrus fruit fairs and state agencies. All the citizens of the state of California have to attend………

Junipero Serra May Have Been a Saint, but He Wasn’t California’s Founding Father

Serra is seen as the founding father of the Catholic mission system in the state of California according to Joe Mathew. Most schools, roads and parks have been named after Serra in the state of California. The author also believes that the individual……….

Send California Your Anchor Babies

Joe Mathews examines the politics in California that are related to the anchor babies. He believes that most of the politicians use babies as the scapegoats in their campaigns. Donald Trump is brought to focus as one of those leaders that have………..

Why Is It So Hard to Enrol a Kid in Public School?

According to the article by Joe Mathew, the state of Californian has been hit by the problem of finding it hard to enrol kids in the public schools. The public schools are guided by rules that all the students and pupils have to abide by……….

Straight Outta Boring

According to the article, Compton is hit by problems that are larger than the civil wars and violence. The author believes that the biggest problem that the town of Compton is facing is that of being boring. Moreover, the article exposes the film that relates to the lifestyles of individuals’ lifestyle in Compton………