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Use of Art

Art is a crucial component in our society today; this course has changed the way I think and the way I look at things. Art is the essential tool through which human beings expresses their feelings and desires. Art is the development and discovery of the fundamental nature principles into certain beautiful forms that are suitable for the human use. It is the union of different people who come together in the same feelings and obligatory for progress and life and continues towards humanity and the well-being of the parties involved. Art is, therefore, a wide concept with no particular definition to cover all the aspects of art. Art is used for expressing oneself in different ways.

I discovered through this course that work of art is diverse and can take a lifetime to fully cover all the aspects of art. I also found two critical components of art that are the collaborative art and the real art. From the world, collaborate which means cooperate, collaborative art means. Through collaboration is when important pieces of art can be found.  But before different artists come together and start to collaborate it is important to keep personal ego aside. This is important as it helps one to air out openly their views without much bias or influence. Though the debates over the direction of an individual piece of art are a reality in the collaborative art, this is bound to happen and should not, therefore, act as a hindrance in the process.  Mutual trust and respect are important from the start to the end of the process. But in reality, it is still clear that most artists fail to invite others into their process directly, this is because the artistic work is considered a private affair by most of the artists. What most artists forget is that it is through collaboration that more can be achieved. While the real art that is in most cases contrasted with conceptual art refers to the tangible art that is presented in the physical reality, time, and space.