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Art in Saudi Arabia

One easy to spot art on landing in Saudi Arabia is architecture. Buildings in Saudi Arabia are very uniquely presented and are a thing of beauty. Some architectural designs are from past eras but still retain their beauty. The government found a way to retain old architectural designs by mixing tradition with modern designs (Saudi Embassy). The architectural materials used are found within the area and include coral, red brick, stone and adobe. A classic example of an architecture design that stands out is the King Khalid International Airport. Another example of art in architectural form is the minarets which are the places of calling people to prayer. The minarets are designed to be visible within their vicinity and are easy to spot. To beautify them, some are made of stone and tiles.

Literature is a form of art and in Saudi Arabia writings come alive with the art of Calligraphy. Calligraphy was used 1400 years before the first Islamic century (Saudi Embassy). Calligraphy is so popular that it is displayed in paintings, glassware, buildings, ceramics and sculptures and can be found everywhere from mosques to offices to homes (Saudi Embassy).Art in Saudi Arabia

Dance and song is also an important aspect of art in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom. Some dances are traditional and incorporate folk music to keep in touch with Saudi traditions. There are various dances from different areas in Saudi Arabia which are a mix of borrowed dances from travellers who passed in the region in old days. Dance is so important in Saudi that the kingdom has a national dance known as the artha (Saudi Embassy). The artha is a dance where men perform the traditional dance carrying swords with a poet doing the narration and singers singing for the dancers. The artha is an exclusive male dance.

Saudi Arabia’s biggest platform of oral expression is the art of poetry. Poets have existed since past centuries where it was a form of entertainment and preserve of cultural traditions (Saudi Embassy). The poets favor the Arabic language and use poetry to tell stories of love, war, bravery, history and any other tale worth telling. Poetry is so popular that there is an annual poetry competition that is televised as the best poets battle it out for the first position.

Saudi Arabia’s form of dress and jewelry can be described as works of art because of the amount of detail that goes into them. The female dress for example is loose to cater for the hot conditions of the area but its decorations are pure art. Some designs are decorated with coins, sewn in designs, sequins and appliques. The jewelry incorporates precious stones, pearls, corals, tiny bells, coins and chains used together with gold or silver (Saudi Embassy). It takes an artist to make all these decorations work together and form beautiful jewelry. The jewelry is used to decorate walls or worn on the body.Art in Saudi Arabia

Art in Saudi Arabia is taken with the seriousness it deserves. The country has cultural institutions and hosts heritage and cultural festivals to showcase their arts. The most famous heritage and cultural festival is Jenadriyah which goes on for two weeks and showcases art such as pottery, woodwork, weaving and metal work. Poetry, music and dances are also showcased at the festival. The kingdom grows art among young people through the cultural institutions. In these institutions, there are folklore classes, arts and crafts classes, drama clubs and participants get to engage in competitions to sharpen their skills and artistic gifts and talents. The government boost is the reason why art thrives in Saudi Arabia.


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