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The paper talks about the political article written by Aristotle.



Question 1
The group that is best suited to states in general; suited for political writers who have excellent ideas though impractical during implementation, people should consider one which is possible and easily attainable by all. Aristotle justifies that any government changes that is to be introduced must be that which man and the existing constitution…………………………

Question 2
According to Aristotle Tyranny is the worst form of government since it is the first in perversion and most divine. Tyranny is the worst since barbarians elect a royal monarch who is given despotic powers to rule the subjects; the despotic power allows them to rule according to their own fancy…………………..

Question 3
Aristotle states that democracy is a form of government where the free are the rulers. The great numbers are sovereign only if they are free and able to have a share of the government. Democracy has different forms which includes; [1] that which is based strictly on equality where the law says the poor should not have advantage over the rich, thus all are equal. [2] That in which magistrates are elected according to certain property qualifications, he who has the required amount of property has the share in the government but he who loses his property loses his rights……………………

Question 4
Aristotle describes oligarchy as a form of government where the rich majority rules the free subjects. Oligarchy is of different kinds which includes; [1] that in which the property qualification for office is such that the poor even though they are the majority have no share in the government, but those whore acquire the qualification may have a share. [2] That where there is qualification for office but a high one, , and the vacancies in the governing body are fired by the co-optation, therefore if the election is done of all this qualified persons, the constitution inclines to an aristocracy. [3] That in which the……………..