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The paper explains what is entailed in a state and how a community comes to existance, and politics according to Aristotle.



Aristotle explains that a state is a community with some view to some good and doing what is good, therefore the politics which embraces all communities should aim at much higher degree of good. The only difference between the statesman or king, house hold, and master is the number subjects or people they rule, statesman or king ruling the largest number of subject followed by the household then the master…………..

To obtain the clearest view of a state one must consider the first growth and origin for better understanding, the first step is the union of male and female, natural ruler and the slave with the same interest. When families come together for a greater purpose than basic needs it forms a village and when large villages come together they form a complete community which is self-sufficing that is when the state emerges with the aim of bettering their life……………..

The author starts by looking at the household management since it comes before the existence of the state. The elements of the household is composed of slaves and freemen, and the fewest possible part of the family is the male and female…………..

For the man to live well or even live at all there is need to be provided with necessaries those thing man need to survive and that is where the art of property or wealth acquiring comes into play which is a way of managing household. The servants need instruments to do their work and all this is in household management, a slave is a living possession and the servant is the precedence instrument……………..

Others take the opposite view that there are slaves and slavery by nature and by law. For the law whatever is taken from the war it belongs to the victors, but that is not right since it shows that a person with power for violence shall take the weak one as his slave and subject. Since superior power tends to be found where there is superior excellence therefore power seems to imply virtue, and the superior in virtue tend to rule or be master…………..