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Anxiety in Adolescents

Everyone experiences anxiety. This is a natural and a very normal emotion. It is signaled through a series of fears and worries or a threatening change is imminent. However, it may become exaggerated at times, unhealthy response (Alfano, 2011). Teenagers experience very many changes in their lives. This causes anxiety to be constantly humming along their lives like a background noise. For some of the teenagers, the condition…………..

Anxiety differs from one teenager to the other. The basic symptoms majorly include too much worries and stress, feelings of inner discomfort as well as a constant feeling of being excessively wary and vigilant. In some cases, teenagers do not have any kind of actual threats but still experience continuous nervousness, discomfort…………….

Anxiety during adolescents mainly focuses on the body changes which occur for an adolescents and the changes in the way adolescents feel as well. Conflicts about independence as well as social acceptance. When adolescents are flooded with anxiety, they appear to be extremely shy. They then…..

Some teenagers develop exaggerated and usually inexplicable fears that are referred to as phobias, which mainly center on certain objects. These deep seated fears normally result in limitations of teenagers activities………..

A teenager who is worried performs less well as compared to the teenagers who are more composed. These teenagers’ perform poorly in sports, schools as well as in social interactions. Worrying a lot also hinders most teenagers from achieving their overall performance levels. A teen who has characteristic of Worrying……..