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Andy Duehren

Many young people find it difficult to talk about money. Finding young persons with the ability to write well about themselves in the context of money may be equally hard. Therefore, asking youthful students to do both at the same time would seem an uphill task. Surprisingly, some students manage to not only write thrilling stories about money issues but to address people that are complete strangers to them and to convince them that they need assistance. In the essay by Andy Duehren, the author successfully persuades the reader that they need for financial help. This can be demonstrated through the analysis of the devices of anecdote, imagery, and voice.

One of the devices employed by Andy is an anecdote. An anecdote could be described as a brief story or scene retrieved from personal experience and that is intended to reveal an account over a specific situation or individual. Unlike jokes, anecdotes are used to reveal truths in more general terms. They can be used to create an abstract idea in relation to a given incidence, situation, or people by means of the concrete details contained in the short narrative. In summary, an anecdote could be described as a story with a specific intended point. One of the many strengths evident in Duehren’s essay is the use of an interesting anecdote at the beginning of his essay. Duehren describes a walk he took with his father as they ascended the path leading to Acadia National Park. The location they were touring had steep cliffs and had many signs that warned trekkers of the danger of death. The author narrates how he focused his sight beyond the Atlantic Ocean and the Maine foothills below them. Despite the slight strain, he felt in his steps, he was prepared to journey on. On the other hand, his dad looked tired. His shirt was soaked in sweat. The task of ascending the foothill had drained all his energy and he was panting for breath. The use of this particular anecdote provides a backdrop for Duehren’s convincing essay about his need for financial help. As I continued to read the essay, it became evident to me that indeed, Duehren used the anecdote to set the stage for his main message. More important, the anecdote gave his essay a sense of personal touch that served to hook the reader. Duehren successfully established a connection between hiking activities in the anecdote and the relationship he had with his father, thereby creating a vivid picture of their lives. The stage that Duehren set through the anecdote facilitated his interesting description of his experience and transition from a youthful to a man. It was fascinating to learn about the complex relationship that existed between him and his father. Although this relationship was strengthened over the years, it was also weakened by the many trials that they encountered. Duehren described how his father suffered from mental illness and how this condition strained their relationship. By relating to the anecdote that the author had provided, it was easy for me to feel and understand his situation and experiences. After reading the entire story, it becomes clear that Duehren narrates to the reader the entire story about his progress in life. Towards the end, however, he takes the reader back to the anecdotal evidence of him and his father hiking. In the end, I developed a better understanding of his experience. it dawned on me that Duehren was not just telling a story. Rather, he was describing his life experience and the financial challenges that his family had endured. I used the example of anecdotal evidence provided by Duehren because it was the first rhetorical device that caught my attention when I started to read the four essays. The author has demonstrated that one way to write a great opening paragraph is to use a compelling personal anecdote that interests the readers and more importantly establishes a connection between them and the topic.Andy Duehren


The second rhetorical device used by Duehren in his essay is imagery. As a figurative language, imagery could be described as the inclusion of sensory details by writers, novelists, and poets with the intention of creating images in readers’ minds. The rhetorical device of imagery is not restricted to visual suggestion alone. Rather, it also includes any of the other four senses namely touch, test, sound, and scent. Writers use imagery to describe a world that readers can rapidly relate by invoking certain feelings or ideas. For instance, some writers, poets, and novelists use imagery so that their readers can imagine the content that they are reading, with the main intention of drawing them in since apple phone see what they are reading they can also imagine themselves as being the characters. Duehren has employed great imagery, especially when describing he’s hiking experience to the extent that readers feel as if they were present. He uses visual images such as “green” and “blue” when describing the Main foothills and the Atlantic Ocean respectively. Furthermore, readers can create a vivid picture of his father wearing a crooked hat that faced backward and a shirt that was soaked through after the hiking exercise. He also uses auditory imagery to describe his father. After he had lost his job, Duehren states that his father fell into an absent-mindedness that he could not fathom. At family dinner, he would sit, silent most of the time. At one point, however, he would interrupt with an unrelated question. From the description of the hiking activity narrated in this article, it is evident that Duehren uses imagery to connect the physical strength of his father and his mental state. Effective use of his rhetorical device has made his essay easy for readers to relate and connect with. Reading the essay, it felt as though I was there when they were hiking or sitting together with them at family dinner.

Duehren has also used voice as a rhetorical device in his essay. In literature, voice refers to the individual style used by a particular author to compose his work. it includes a number of literary devices such as tone, punctuation, vocabulary, and syntax. Voice plays a crucial role in writing a piece of literature and influence whether or not the readers will appreciate it. After reading Duehren’s essay, I could identify his unique voice that distinguishes his work from that of the other three authors. Apart from using a unique literal voice, he also used specific vocabulary, turns of phrases, and speech patterns that made his work recognizable. Duehren’s essay stood out from the other essays primarily because of the author’s voice. Duehren has extensively used vocabulary that flows smoothly throughout his text. Since he was applying for college admission, the use of a sumptuous quantity of vocabulary is expected. This complex vocabulary contributes to the strength of his essay and proves this worthiness to join a competitive school. I chose voice because I was impressed in the manner in which Duehren has written his work. To be specific, I liked the tone in which he discusses how is perspective towards his dad evolved with time. His choice of voice makes the essay more powerful since it paints a picture of a young man with full developed understanding.Andy Duehren

Andy Duehren has managed to write an interesting piece about himself, his father, and money issues. His story is not only thrilling but also convincing. Duehren has successfully used a number of rhetorical devices including anecdote, imagery, and voice to persuades the readers that he needs for financial help. In my opinion, therefore, Andy Duehren is the person that should be accorded financial help.