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Analysis of Police Corruption

The topic on police corruption has been studied widely and is still a mystery to many. According to Sir Robert Peel, the concept of police working in collaboration with the citizens is a very insightful concept (Beigel, 1977). There are very many forms of police misconduct that cannot be overstated (, 2015). Regarding the trust level on police officers, recent results polls have indicated that just 56 percent of people gave…………

There are numerous media examples of police corruption cases. Recently Detroit police officers allegedly misuse their powers to steal and sell drugs .The two police officers from Detroit orchestrated traffic stops, affected areas that are not genuine and exploited the victims. This whole plan was a cover up for stealing drugs and money that were then sold off for profit………….

Narcotic’s Section, which got disbanded after suspicious activities were observed. The two were accused of intending to sell at least 5 kilograms of cocaine. They were also found in possession of smaller units of heroin and marijuana. They would coordinate with informants and extort the dealers as well as the buyers and taking their money too. The two pulled off this activity while donning on their uniform and carrying………….

According to The Huffington Postdated 7th December 2015, an ex-police commander who had been put in jail for overseeing the torture of 100 black men has been released just after serving just three and half years of his sentence After this man had been convicted in 2011 of obstruction of justice as a result………….


The discussion of ethics about law enforcement has to start with the understanding of the term integrity…………..


This makes up an integral part of the police work. The head of the organization has the desired goal as correcting the shortcomings. This particular individual can affect to a large extent the performance of any agency…………..

Leaders are very critical in establishing the climate of an organization. However, they have to work in collaboration with other employees in the organization for the goal to be realized………….

There is yet another loophole that can help develop and cultivate the culture of unethical practices amongst officers………….

The biggest cause of lack of ethics among American Police is the problem of mediocrity. This happens especially when leadership fails to provide a demanding of the highest conduct within the department. Instead, it creates a climate that is very favorable for misconduct…………

Like many other departments, the profession of policing has a subculture itself. One of the most well-known characteristics is morbid of humor. However, the police subculture can either positively influence corruption or negatively impact on it. It is one of hardest issue to address. A subculture refers…………

There is a clear distinction between constructive dedication to each other and misguided allegiances that makes an individual or a group to become at war with the aim of law enforcement……….

There is a clear distinction between constructive dedication to each other and misguided allegiances that makes an individual or a group to become at war with the aim of law enforcement………..


The profession of policing depends mainly on the excellence of ethics instilled in the officers. It requires perfection as well as unyielding ethics that depend wholly on the employees understanding and hailing of ethics. It is true that the police officers are indeed human and are therefore likely to make mistakes…………