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Analysis on Stakeholder Empowerment


This course is about you gaining an understanding of empowering human potential in the workplace.  We have analyzed many aspects of organizations and aspects of empowerment, including stakeholder perspectives, teams, conflict, culture, power, communication, and talent management and leadership. 


Each of you has unique workplace experience.  Therefore, each of you should have taken with you different lessons that you will use in your specific workplace.  As such, you are to complete an analysis paper detailing a current or past workplace and what you might implement to empower some stakeholder or team to excellence.


There are 3 mutually exclusive, yet connected sections: Organization Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, and Action Plan.  Address them separately.  They are connected via the assignment questions.

Analysis on Stakeholder Empowerment

PART I – Organization Analysis


  1. Define the context of your ‘micro-organization’ (department, work group, etc.).
  2. Does your ‘micro-organization’ achieve excellence? Why / why not?  How do you know?
  3. How does your ‘micro-organization’ relate to the overall organization’s excellence?
  4. Does your overall organization achieve excellence? Why or why not?  How do you know?  What metrics are used to measure the organization’s success?


Consider such aspects as mission, vision, strategic plans, change initiatives, structure, culture, teams, leaders and their styles, power structures, communication, and talent management systems.  Go into depth and detail.  Paint me a picture.


PART II – Stakeholder Analysis


  1. In considering your micro-organization, whom are the stakeholders (other than yourself) that you might want to empower?
    • Are these direct reports, peers, bosses, work teams?  Define and detail explicitly.
    • How empowered are / were they to achieve or maintain excellence?

Analysis on Stakeholder Empowerment

Using course theories and concepts, clearly and explicitly diagnose and analyze the dynamics underlying and surrounding the organization.  There are likely multiple forces contributing to the situation.  What are those forces, and why?  In other words, what exists that might allow or prevent your organization to achieve excellence?  This is not a SWOT Analysis.


  1. Offer your analysis of the top 3 internal and / or external forces do you see that might exist that allow or prevent these stakeholders in achieving excellence? What momentum might exist to allow or prevent these stakeholders in achieving excellence?  You can choose some of each.


Consider such aspects as specific stakeholders who may allow or prevent excellence, groups or teams that exist who may allow or prevent excellence, conflicts that exist that may allow or prevent excellence, and systems and structures that exist that may allow or prevent excellence.


  1. Reflect on and provide a self-analysis. How empowered are / were you to help your defined stakeholders, ‘micro organization’ or overall organization become better or achieve or maintain excellence?


PART III – Action Plan


Now that you have analyzed your organization’s situation regarding excellence, the stakeholders you wish to empower, and the forces that are in play toward or against that reality, provide an action plan that you can actually implement toward moving the organization in some way (be it transformational or incremental) toward excellence.  In doing so, specifically address the following points, in order.

Analysis on Stakeholder Empowerment

  1. If you had absolute power and could make any changes necessary for your stakeholders and / or organization to achieve excellence, what might they include? You may consider this from either the micro or macro perspectives.


  1. What power do / did you have to make changes to help your stakeholders / organization move further toward excellence?


  1. If you / no one makes the changes you see as necessary for your stakeholders / organization to achieve empowerment, what effects might this have on you, them and the organization over time? Consider this from either the micro or macro perspectives.


  1. Informed by the course theories and concepts, formulate a thoughtful, specific, and actionable plan to try to address stakeholder empowerment toward organizational excellence. You may consider this from either the micro or macro perspectives.


View this plan as an experiment; what specific steps within the next 6 – 12 months can you take that should, according to the theories, help you and your organization move further toward excellence?  How does your action plan align with your ‘absolute power’ theoretical analysis, given the forces that exist?  What trade-offs might need to be made?




  • Make sure to separate each section out and answer each question and sub-question directly so I know that you have considered it in depth.


  • Make sure to highlight course resources (articles / TED Talks / assessments / etc.) used throughout your paper explicitly so I can identify their value to you in your action plan.


  • Your submission will be 100% private.  In order to protect your privacy further, you may redact such information as your organization name, individuals, etc.


  • Remember to follow presentation directions from the Writing Business Papers document!


  • Remember to review the assignment rubric on Blackboard!


  • Complete sections in order and do NOT combine sections.Analysis on Stakeholder Empowerment