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Analysis of the movie Fast Five

            The movie is a thriller, action packed and one can almost feel the danger of how fast the cars move. The movie is a combination of friendship, brotherhood, loyalty, crime and the law. Mia is a typical sister who loves her brother to bits and will not allow him to rot in prison. Together with her boyfriend Brian, they manage to overturn the prison bus and save Dom and all three of them disappear. Mia and Brian escape from the United States and flee to different areas before they finally head to Rio in Brazil to a former friend who is also hiding from the law. The friends take on unlawful jobs and soon enough, they realize that they have made an enemy from a former employer known as Reyes. The group is so angry that they decide to pay back Reyes with a dose of his own medicine by stilling his money vault hidden in a police station. They are stealing from a thief and it therefore does not bother them. Agent Hobbs somehow keeps missing them on his trail to capture them until he is in a situation where he also becomes haunted with the heist group. They work together to defeat the common enemy. Dom, Mia and Brian eventually get the new life they wanted but Hobbs loses out on taking them back to the US to face charges.

The movie is a simple story of friends being there for friends no matter the situation. Mia and Brian sacrifice for Dom. Vince sacrifices for his friends on the run and later they do the same for him when he is killed and honor his family by giving him his cut from the final heist. It is also about an agent who is keen on acting on the law to put the fugitive friends in prison. The friends are out to punish Reyes who is determined to kill them and in the process they realize that they can retire for good with the hidden $100 million.

The movie scenes show friends who really love high speed cars especially when breaking Dom out, during their heists of cars and finally the vault as well as Brian challenging Dom to a race at the end of the movie. The scenes also show how much these friends value family, first with Dom and Mia and the realization that they need to settle because of a pregnant Mia, then with the family of Vince and at some point Vince says he only settled down because of his wife and son. Even when Vince is killed on one of their missions, they still ensure that his family gets his cut of the loot. The agent scenes show an agent who becomes conflicted on whether to stick with the law or help criminals who saved him.

The movie was released in 2011 and is part of the series ‘Fast and Furious.’ The movie is directed by Justin Lin and written by Chris Morgan. It was distributed by universal studios and had good gross returns holding the first position for fifteen days (Fandom, 2019). The difference between Fast Five and Fast & Furious (2009) is that Fast Five introduces a new sequence of events where it is not just car racing but car racing with a heist purpose.Analysis of the movie Fast Five

The movie is interesting especially with the combination of comedy, wit, speed and dangerous stunts. There is not a single dull moment and it is easy to concentrate to the end to see if the people one roots for will succeed. The use of suspense is phenomenal.Analysis of the movie Fast Five


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