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Analysis of Autobiographical Sketch

Tone helps to mold and shape the readers thoughts on a story, it gives the author room to help the reader see things through a desired perspective. Throughout these readings what set the tone for me as a reader was sentence structure and word choice, manipulating both of these allowed me to capture the tone of Margaret Fuller’s stories.

Margaret Fuller effectively changes her tone throughout the Autobiographical Sketch. Her sentence structure and word choice keys in on how she feels about people and events. In the section of Parents she talks about her father her sentences are short and her word choice is bland “My father was a lawyer and politician” “to be an honored citizen, and to have a home on earth, were made the aims of existence”. Fuller refers to the only two mortals he treated delicately being her and her mother. Here she is saying that she is able to see the soft side to her father, so maybe the way that she writes about him- short and to the point is how she sees him.The opposite is used to represent her mother with elegant word choice and long, flowing sentences. “Of all the persons whom I have known, she had in her most of the angelic,-of that spontaneous love for every living thing, for man, and beast, and tree, which restores the golden age.” When describing her mother, Fuller sounds as though she is literally bursting at the seams with things to say about her and it makes her mother come off as much more exciting and interesting. Changing the sentence structure and word choice gives a complete different feeling as to how she feels about her parents. Fuller never comes out and says “My mother is amazing compared to my boring father”, but that’s the feeling the reader gets when reading about her parents.Analysis of Autobiographical Sketch

In the passage “Death in the House” Margaret discusses the death of her sister. The language she uses allows the reader to understand the different emotions she is experiencing. She uses a combination of very uplifting words as well as dreary words to set different tones. She describes her sisters life and death as being “beautiful” and pictures her sister in the future, “her character, if that fair face promised right, would have been soft, graceful and lively”. For readers this language is uplifting which allows Fuller to show readers how she truly felt about her sister. She is also able to show readers how she felt about the funeral by setting a depressing tone, she uses the words “dreary” and “dark” and a memory that needs to be fixed. All of these set an extremely negative tone allowing readers to picture the darkness of the funeral. Margaret Fuller is able to use the tools of word choice and sentence structure to let readers in to what she is experiencing and feeling, and what she wants them to experience and feel while reading her work.