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An Intern Review

I have watched Kyle work for the last six months and I believe that he takes his work seriously. I believe that he is the best person to send to Dallas for the following reasons.

First, he has worked with us for the last six months and he understands our work ethic and has seen the values we hold as the head office which is important because he will uphold those values in Dallas. The Dallas office is bound to work better with the influence of a person that understands the importance of work as the head office sees it. Secondly, Kyle is not green in the consulting sector having worked at KPMG Dallas before coming to us. I believe that with his previous experience as well as the additional experience he received here in Atlanta makes him a qualified candidate because he understands the Dallas market better and is bound to make more qualified decisions and lead the team better.An Intern Review

Thirdly, I will bring you up to speed with the kind of team leader he will be. His greatest strength is his contribution power. He is a powerhouse when it comes to contributing his brains to any work he is assigned to. He attends all meetings early and comes ready with researched material to speak on the topic of the day. He is a natural at steering meetings to focus on the topic of the day and speaks up when a member of the team is wanders away from the topic at hand. His ideas are well thought out and offer thoughtful suggestions. I have interviewed him before on factors affecting our organization and his ideas were not only true but his suggestions on the changes that could make the factors less intimidating were good. He for example, thinks that we are focusing a lot on the older generation and forgetting the millennial generation which is a unique kind of clientele. I agree with him on this and believe that we need products to entice the millennial to our services. He is excellent with his work and has never missed a deadline every time I gave the junior team a writing assignment. He even goes ahead to deliver everyone’s work, which I respect because it is taking initiative.

Our speaking activities during the internship have been focused on solving problems encountered by the company. Every great leader needs to know how to solve problems by leading his team to finding the best possible solution. Every time we have discussed a problem, Kyle has gone a mile ahead to research further after the discussion. Every time we set up the next meeting Kyle’s asks questions concerning the topic to be discussed. I think that this is important because it helps everyone come prepared and less time is wasted in the meeting and the meeting is shorter and more meaningful. During the first month of the internship, Kyle realized that our meetings were sometimes long and his colleagues seemed tired every time they showed up for a meeting. He came to me and asked if we could hold the meetings outside the office over fun activities like lunch. I did not expect it to work so well. Not only were the interns excited when they showed up for meetings, but we also accomplished more in less amount of time. The extra time we got from the meetings was used to bond the team and we grew closer and understood each other thus forming a good team. It was also Kyle who suggested that at the beginning of each meeting, we make follow up on if former suggestions were implemented. This was a good idea because it helped map our progress.An Intern Review

Kyle like any other professional has weaknesses but they are nothing that cannot be worked on. From watching him interact with the rest of his team, I believe that he is a genius but has trouble being a good listener. Although he is brilliant and his ideas are good, it would not hurt to listen better at other people’s suggestions. Sometimes, it is not the most brilliant person in the room that solves the problem. Sometimes it is the quiet and meek team member who rarely speaks up. I believe that Kyle as a team leader will do better at nudging others for ideas even when they do not readily offer them. It is the work of a team leader to get the best out of the brains in the room and he could do better to say, ‘Julie, you are so quiet but your ideas are very important to this discussion.’ Kyle overlooks the quiet team members which could cost him good ideas. Because of his brilliance, Kyle has also on some occasions continued to defend his point without asking for honest opinions from the rest of the team. Sometimes a team leader benefits more from allowing his team the power to make some decisions because they are more knowledgeable about the topic. He will sometimes hog the discussion so much that I have to remind him that other team member’s opinion needs to be heard. Kyle could definitely work on his listening skills and it is something I have discussed with him and I believe that he will work on it.An Intern Review

Having stated his weakness, I believe that at the end of discussion he pays up for his shortcomings by steering the team to evaluating the suggested ideas and picking the best ideas. He also believes in equal voting when it comes up that the group is split up on a decision. I have no doubts that Kyle can step up as a team leader and make a difference in Dallas. It also helps that he genuinely wants to go back to Dallas because otherwise we would be convincing someone to consider relocating or forced to look for a partner we barely know. I believe that we will be sending our best investment.

I believe that Kyle has the right abilities and characteristics to make a good team leader in Dallas. I therefore recommend him for the position and believe that he will do a good job while at it.



Supervisor, Junior Level Management