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An Innovative Technological Approach to Nursing Education



An Innovative Technological Approach to Nursing Education

The writers of this article believe that digital storytelling would be effective in helping students prepare as future professionals. Letting students practice digital storytelling helps them to nurture their skills in public speaking during presentation and help them practice their creative side. It also helps the students to learn better communication skills and proper peer reviewing by critical thinking. This article was written by writers who aimed at investigating how digital learning can be used to improve palliative care and end-of-life care. The research also aimed at investigating the influence of digital stories on student sharing and feedback. The third aim was to investigate the parts of information technology that could be used in digital storytelling. The findings for the first research question was that digital storytelling can help students effectively communicate the important parts of palliative care through personal stories. In the second question, nursing students were confident that they bonded more and learned better because real stories were better than case studies. On information technology, the students were impressed with the voice thread, adding pictures and story narration. They were however not so enthusiastic about video creation.

7 Things You Should Know about Digital Storytelling-an Innovative Technological Approach to Nursing Education

The first of the 7 things about digital story telling is what it is all about which is basically telling a story using video, pictures and sound. The second thing is where digital story telling has been used so far, it has been used in the media and in the classrooms especially in telecommunication classrooms in colleges. Students use it to share their stories and it is significant because there is knowledge transfer. The disadvantage is that some students find it hard to create the content. The future of digital story telling is easier to use tools making digital storytelling an easy bid. Students in different departments can interact to teach each other their strengths in digital storytelling.

Reaction-An Innovative Technological Approach to Nursing Education

Digital storytelling as a whole is an excellent idea. People generally love personalized stories and such content captures their attention for a long time. People general have poor concentration and if digital story telling breaks that problem then it is an excellent idea.

On digital storytelling and nursing students, I am glad that they found it more enjoyable. More importantly, the experience improves their general professionalism so that teaching each other about palliative care is easy and it teaches them what empathy is all about because they are not hearing a story of people that live far away but a story about people close to them. It helps them to identify with the story better and want to learn more, making them better equipped nurses. Because digital story telling is not exactly a nurse’s specialty, I would recommend that they are allowed to interact with computer science students to be able to overcome the difficulties they get during content creation.

On the seven things about digital storytelling, it was disappointing to learn that there is still a problem with content creation with different students just like the nurses. This needs to be resolved fast.

The Future of Digital Storytelling-An Innovative Technological Approach to Nursing Education

I think that the trend is headed beyond education centers to other places where information is shared. Doctors can use digital storytelling to teach their patients how to best take care of their conditions. This will not only help patients to learn more about their medical conditions but also have solace in other peoples ‘ stories that were in the same place before them. This helps them feel better and get encouraged. The corporate world can use digital storytelling to talk about their future projects and their expectations about it. In short, digital storytelling should be embraced in information sharing platforms regardless of if they are inside a classroom or not. The idea is to get people interested in the content being presented because they will be able to grasp more. We can hope that technology continues to be more sophisticated, making digital story telling even more interesting.

I would suggest that further inquiry be made on how to make digital storytelling easier for people that are not computer geniuses. This can be done with easier to operate tools especially in the area of video creation which has been identified as the most difficult part. Further research should also be made on the concentration spans of people so that the digital stories told have a greater impact because they are told the most effective way during the best timing possible.




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