Muslim Americans

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Texas Teen Arrested for Clock Mistaken to be a Bomb

Many people around the world dream of staying in the United States at some point in their lives. Records indicate that every year, many people numbering over a million acquire the U.S citizenship. Many of these people see American as their dreamland and have big expectations of finding the best employment opportunities the world can offer here in this country……………..

Today, America has a minority Muslim population. Some of them are U S citizen by birth while some immigrated into the country and legally acquired the citizenship. Unfortunately, many of the Muslims have reported…………..

Just a few weeks ago an incident occurred in a school in Texas. The incident depicts the negative perception of the American people, especially Christians regarding Muslims. It also shows existence of mistrust and suspicion between Christian and Muslim faiths……………..

It is difficult to imagine what the response would have been had the device been found with a white teenage boy in the same class. Probably, the police and the teacher would not have acted the same way they did towards Ahmed. Howbeit it is evident that fears and concerns about the presence of Muslim in our……………

Following the September 11th attacks back in 2001, it is reported that there has been an explosion of hate crimes targeting the Muslim minority in the country. Today, Muslims are discriminated by both…………

Findings from recent studies and research done by a number of learning institutions contradict the notion of many Americans. The findings show that Muslim-Americans are highly diversified, well involved……..

One sociological aspect of the American Muslims is that they originate from all continents of the world. Almost every country in the world has contributed to the total Muslim population of United States. This population…………..

A commonly ignored fact about Muslim-Americans is that they are not equally devoted to Islam. In fact, less than half of the entire Muslim population is devoted to Islam, thus attending prayers on weekly…………..

Attacks witnessed on American soil since September 11th indicates that American is susceptible to the problem of radicalization that affects many other countries globally. Unfortunately, many people see all Muslims as sympathizers…………

The government should work towards improving its relationship with the Muslim Americans in order to compact fully any form of home grown radicalization and terrorism. Harassment such as closure of mosques by state officials for no apparent reasons should be dealt with s as to grant Muslims an opportunity………..