Alternative Subculture



Alternative Subculture

Subculture refers to a subgroup of a particular culture that subscribes to the different opinions and beliefs about its ways of life.

Assessment of the Objectives-alternative Subculture

The purpose of this assignment is to explore and analyze bodybuilders with a view of looking at their characteristics that compels them to have certain beliefs and practices which differ from the members of the entire society.

Characteristics of bodybuilders

  • Like feeding on nutritious diet – Bodybuilders believe that balanced, nutritious diet is key to successful bodybuilding. They consult nutritionists for nutritional counseling. To that end, they consume products high on nutrition and when necessary.
  • Poor in socialization – Most bodybuilders believe in the use of force to solve social problems. This isolates them from most socialization structures. Whatever they watch, listen or even read advocates for the use of force. Through force and violence, they believe you are rewarded.
  • Physical exercise is their daily routine – Bodybuilders have physical exercise schedules. They believe physical appearance is a way of communication. Masculinity is their identity formation. To this, they are most interested in enhancing flexibility and efficiency during training.
  • Aggressiveness – Bodybuilders never settle for less, they are go-getters. They always thrive to be better, they always like trying new ideas, they go for new products in the market that suits them. This makes them very competitive

People engage in bodybuilding for several reasons. Key among these include; the belief that the sport enables them to become stronger than they were before. Being strong allows them to subscribe to the idea that they will be able to defend themselves or they will have the ability to do manual work that requires a lot of strength. Similarly, some individuals in the society engage themselves in bodybuilding because of addiction.  In this regard, some of them are of the opinion that it is the only avenue that they can apply to ensure that they keep a particular group of friends. Therefore, they engage themselves in bodybuilding techniques that enable them to accomplish their goals.

The entry to the subculture requires that people have the will to engage in particular keep fit sessions that need some payments. For instance, going to the gym requires that the person pays a certain fee. Other costs that one can incur are associated with the food that the person has to eat. It is because the individual has to eat delicious foods that are highly nutritious.

The consumers conform to the requirements of the group because they form part of their society. It is also because of the provisions of the law that stipulate that one has to respect the other person. Otherwise, it could be considered discrimination. Furthermore, there is a membership card that is usually granted to an individual if the person registers with a particular club for bodybuilders. The group meets physically for sporting activities whereby the person with the best build body is awarded immensely.


Social Identity-alternative Subculture

Bodybuilder like the use of steroids, this is meant to stimulate masculinity growth hence resulting in healthy physical appearance. They dress in fitting clothes that show their body postures


Peer-to-peer socialization. To an extent; bodybuilders like socialization as groups. Their competitive nature makes them share a lot with their peers. Meeting regularly for exercise makes their relationship bonds more strong.


Decision Making

Bodybuilders make collective decisions. What training materials to use, training schedules and consequences for failing to turn up for training are all collective decisions by the groups.


Social Norms, Values, and Beliefs

Bodybuilders believe that only hard work can make them successful, they exercise high standards of personal discipline, that is, discipline on what to feed on or not, when to meet for training, peer-to-peer respect among others



Summary-alternative Subculture

In conclusion, the bodybuilders in a particular society refer to some people in the community who believe that bodybuilding enables them to be stronger and therefore engage in sporting activities that promote the formation of their muscles. These people are characterized by having a physical presence and eating highly-nutritious foods.