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Executive Summary


Over the last few months, it has been observed that Alsalam Restaurant has been making lower profits than usual. Several reasons were put forward for this poor performance.  For instance, the management blamed the emergence of other restaurants in the market as one of the leading factors for the decrease in the profits. However, other factors could have played a hand in this.

This proposal looks at how the restaurant can discourage harassment and bullying of the subordinates by the managers in the workplace. Moreover, it looks at the channels through which the hotel can follow to increase the productivity of the organization.

Similarly, this proposal looks at the profile of the perpetrators and the victims of bullying in the workplace. This is then followed by examining the effects of worker harassment on the victim and the organization. Several works of research have been reviewed to come up with informative information.

In the process of coming up with this proposal, various sources of data were used. Key among them was the application of primary sources of data whereby the workers of the restaurant were interviewed. They provided information that has been very helpful in writing this proposal.



Alsalam business is a small business that was founded in the year 2006. Over the years, the restaurant has expanded to have several branches across Saudi Arabia. It primarily deals with selling traditional Arabic food as well as offering a wide range of culturally diverse foods.  Bullying in the workplace is one of the factors that have affected the restaurant negatively.

It is essential to have the understanding that working in an environment whereby the employees are looked down upon by the management affects not only the workers but also the operations of the organization. It is because bullying does not offer job security to the workers but makes them think about quitting the job and finding another job with good working conditions. This scenario causes them to not give it all in the scope of their operations which may lead to reduced services to the customers.  To this effect, the clients may decide to boycott the products of the organization which may lead to the detrimental impacts on the part of the company. For instance, the bad reputation that a firm has may lead to people fearing to seek for a job in the firm, and therefore, the organization may fail to have adequate labor for the production of its services.

Several economists have argued that lack of harassment and bullying of the subordinates by the management of the organization is vital because it has enormous “health” benefits. The following are the various types of bullying that take place in the workplaces;

  • Type I: which is the type of the violence that takes place if a person has no relationship with the worker that he/she is offending
  • Type II: the employee of the organization offends the  client or the customer
  • Type III- worker versus worker, whereby the one employee harasses the other employee
  • Type IV- this is the type of the violence that is also known as domestic violence. It is characterized by the perpetrator having a relationship with the individual that he/ she is offending.

The majority of the researchers around the world have carried out several studies that focus on type III of the violence which is the harassment that takes place when one worker harasses one another. For instance, a manager may bully the subordinate in the workplace.

It is crucial for organizations to know the meaning of violence within the workplace for several reasons. These may include the following;

  • Not all the members of the society may have an understanding of the meaning of workplace violence
  • Workplace bullying may lead to other modes of violence such as physical violence
  • People will be able to have the will to report to the police if they have a precise definition of workplace bullying
  • Through the identification of harassment as a problem, one may encourage others to come up with the plans to reduce the issue

This proposal concentrates on type III violence which is common has affected the productivity of Alsalam Restaurant.


The body

Bullying is defined as the, ” the repeated, persistent , continuous behavior as opposed to a single negative act and is associated with a power imbalance and the victim and the perpetrator, where the victim feels inferior.” For instance an instructor to the student

It is essential for one to have the understanding that bullying is different from strict management. The following are ideal examples of harassment in the workplace areas;

  • Social isolation
  • Rumors
  • Interference with one’s personal life
  • Excessive criticism
  • Verbal aggression
  • Withholding critical information
  • Work over-monitoring
  • Choosing demeaning work instead of proper jobs
  • Coming up with unattainable goals or objectives and deadlines
  • Insignificant fault finding
  • Withholding of the work responsibility

The actions or words that are directed towards an individual in the workplace and have the effect of causing mental harm are considered as being bullying taking place in the workplace. Moreover, physical contacts such as pushing an individual constitute bullying in our places of work




For every occurrence of one sexual harassment, there are four instances of bullying in the workplace (Rowell, 2005). It has been reported that there are numerous cases of bullying among the nurses which are more than for any other professional. This reality has affected the number of people who want to be nurses. Verbal aggression is the most common form of bullying in the health sector and other workplaces. Research has demonstrated that if a nurse has been harassed by another nurse, then there are high chances that this particular individual will abuse other people. This situation pushes the victims to have the view that the workplace is a stressing environment that they may not want to be associated with.

Research has demonstrated that approximately 37% of the US citizens have been subjected to workplace bullying. Of these people, 45% have been reported to have experienced health issues due to stress. Research has further revealed to us that of all victims of bullying, the majority of them were subjected to the harassment in their first year of work.

How to Recognize Bullying

One of the factors that lead to bullying in the workplace is the unavailability of proper management techniques in a particular unit or department. It is imperative for the managers to come up with ways of recognizing any form of bullying in the workplace because worker harassment has very detrimental effects on the organization. Not only does it affect the staff but also the clients and the owner of the firm. There are potential indicators of bullying in the workplace, and key among them includes the following;

  • Complains by the employees against the organization’s manager
  • The decrease in work performance of the most hardworking employees.
  • Stressed members of the staff
  • Low morale
  • One employee fearing another worker
  • Signs of depression
  • Increase in the number of the people who are absent from work

Tolerance to workplace bullying is not essential to any manager because it results in high costs to the organization emanating from these signs. The management of the organization can promote bullying in the workplace without the knowledge that they are doing so. This is through some several ways. Key among them include the following;

  • Encouraging the workers to compete in their scopes of work
  • Lax management
  • Requiring unrealistic goals from the workers
  • Requiring the workers to be through with their deliverables in unrealistic time frames
  • Provision of insufficient funds to attain a certain objective
  • Taking away the authority of the supervisors


Traits of the People Who Bully Others

Managers who are likely to torment workers have the following traits;

  • Lack of good communication skills
  • They suffer from low self-esteem
  • Have the feeling that they have the rights to impose controls on others
  • Can be the favorites of the supervisors
  • Such individuals may harass other people because of the belief that they are going to be covering their weaknesses (Rowell, 2005).
  • They may not have resolved some of the conflicts that they could have faced in their previous employment.

Approximately 80% of the people who ho bully others in the workplace are the managers. That is according to the research that has been conducted over the years. The majority of the individuals who harass others in the workplace are the people who have had psychological problems in their lives. Ignorance of their behavior by the organization implies that they have received a license to harass other individuals in the workplace. To that end, it is the failure of the organization to come up with a list of acceptable behavior that triggers these group of barbaric individuals to harass other workers in the name of the doing a good job. It is not easy for a worker to have the understanding of whether the manager is bullying him or not. The employee should carry out a self-test that can act as a platform that enables him to establish whether the management has been harassing him or not. For example, the employee can answer attempt to answer the following questions which may constitute the self-test;

  1. Does the manager or the coworker return greetings?
  2. Does the manager or the coworker respond to my emails
  3. Does my supervisor put unrealistic goals?
  4. Is there spreading of lies and rumors by the manager or the coworker?
  5. Is the manager or the coworker patient with me?
  6. Is there any form of intimidation directed towards me by the coworkers or the manager?
  7. Is there any form of threatening from the management or the calling of the names by the coworkers?
  8. Is there any form of ridicule in the workplace?

There is a total score of 8. If the answers provided, indicate that one has scored 2 and below, then it is an indication that the individual is not bullied. A score of 3 is a demonstration that the sign of bullying are present and any score that is above 4 is a clear illustration that the person is harassed by the management and the coworkers in the workplace.

In situations whereby an individual is not in a position to have the understanding of whether the managers or the coworkers have been harassing him, then the person should consider using other tips that give an idea of whether there is bullying or no bullying on their part in the workplace. This can be accomplished through examining the body language of the coworkers and the manager.  A bully utilizes the body language with the objective of expressing his feelings and opinions towards the coworker. For instance, the narrowing of the eyes or the widening of the eyes may be an indication that the person is intimidating you. Failure to maintain an eye contact is also a form of bullying in the workplace. Lack of a sincere smile is also a demonstration of harassment in the job area. In situations whereby the body is turned away from the listener, then, it follows that the individual is being bullied. There can also be an application of the gestures that indicate that there is a form of bullying taking place.

Characteristics of the Victim

In most cases, the victim of bullying is the person who shows very high degrees of commitment or dedication. Such a person is a renowned hard worker and in several situations has got the highest probability of being bullied or harassed in the workplace. The gender that is mainly affected by the bullies is the females. The men are rarely bothered. Besides, the victims are competent but vulnerable.

Impacts of Bullying on the organization

Bullying has detrimental effects on the organization and the workers as well. The following are the effects of bullying and harassment in the workplace;

  • The victim suffers from job dissatisfaction
  • The victim suffers from stress, anxiety, coughs, back pain palpitations, headaches, sweating and chest pains.
  • The victim may also suffer from depression.
  • The victim may also suffer from permanent depression.


Effects of bullying on the organization

The firm or organization experiences the following problems as a result of bullying;

  • Recruitment expenses as a result of some of the employees leaving to look for greener pastures
  • Reduction in productivity
  • .emergence of disability expenses
  • Decrease in the levels of commitment to the organization by the workers
  • Client dissatisfaction
  • Destruction of the image of the organization
  • Many employees may be absent from the work
  • Legal action


Conditions favorable for Bullying in the workplaces

  • Perceptions that there is power imbalance between the manager and the subordinates
  • Policies that are not tough on the perpetrator
  • Employee frustrations within the work environment


The above discussions illustrate that bullying is terrible to an organization because it leads the firm and the victim into trouble. For instance, the victim may suffer from depression while the body suffers financially through incurring expenses like the ones the firm has to pay in the recruitment process when some of their workers have left their jobs in search of greener pastures. There are also platforms that encourage bullying, for example, the situations whereby the employees feel that there is power imbalance and that one is more powerful than the other, the product of this may be aggression by the use of words.  The type III violence is the one that is the most common in the workplace. To that end, it has attracted the attention of several researchers who have carried out various studies with the objective of obtaining more information.




To overcome the challenges of bullying in the workplace, Alsalam Restaurant in Saudi Arabia needs to establish several approaches. These approaches will ensure that the company does not experience the same problems that it encountered previously.

To begin with, the restaurant needs to ensure that there is a development of a policy program that gives the employees directions on repercussions of bad behaviors in the workplace. One of the unwanted behaviors should be bullying of the coworkers. With this in mind, the company is in a position to address the issue of employee harassment, and this will be helpful because it will help return the restaurant in its former glory and therefore have a good reputation. This will be important to the restaurant because it will attract more clients and thus be in a position to make high profits.

Similarly, the restaurant should ensure that there is a laid down procedure that should be followed by an employee in cases when the need to report an incident of bullying arise.

Besides, the restaurant should give the workers a process that they should follow in cases of complaints and harassments.

































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