Alsalam Restaurant in Saudi Arabia



Alsalam Restaurant in Saudi Arabia

Alsalam business is a small business that was founded in the year 2006. Over the years, the restaurant has expanded to have several branches across Saudi Arabia. It primarily deals with selling traditional Arabic food as well as offering a wide range of culturally diverse foods. There are various problems that the hotels are facing. These obstacles need to be addressed through the application of multiple solutions. This proposal targets the owner of the restaurant, Adam Alli.

Description of the Problem that the proposal addresses

The business has been making low profits because it has a bad reputation that is attributable to the misconduct of its previous management. The members of the staff were looked down upon by the top managers. To this effect, the employee’s performance was negatively affected.  The inability to perform optimally is associated with the mental and emotional stress that these individuals were facing. The result of this approach of leadership was that the members of the staff did not trust the top management and this led to employee dissatisfaction that increased the risks of the mistakes by the workers. Some of them had even started looking for other jobs with the view of getting better working conditions.

Recommendations on how to handle the problems

To solve the challenges as mentioned above, it is significant for the owner of the restaurant to utilize several approaches. Key among them include the following:

  1. Encourage teamwork through engaging the employees in a platform that makes them realize that they are working as a group towards the success of the organization and not the ambitions of one individual.
  2. Come up with a suggestion box that the workers can be reporting on the areas of improvement in their scope of work.
  3. Carry out employee evaluations with the objective of finding out their achievements together with the challenges that they are facing and therefore act accordingly to come up with a strategy that is going to overcome the employee obstacles.
  4. Develop and launch a training program for all the managers of the restaurant. Here, they should be taught on the skills on how to deal with the subordinates.