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“All Writing is Autobiography”


The paper talks about autobiography which is conceptualized by Donald Murray.

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The notion that all that is written about is autobiography has been conceptualized by Donald Murray. Murray clarifies writing by revealing habits, practices and processes of writers. His overall point is that “all writing is autobiographical”. Murray starts by narrating his varying experiences in writing. The fact that Murray has published numerous forms of writing such as fiction, poetry, academic articles, columns in the newspaper and textbook among other forms of writing helps in giving his claims more credibility……………………

I feel it unimaginable that my past has had a major impact on me. However, this gives my confidence that I can change any negative perceptions I have about the world. My personality traits and my current behavior have been shaped by my past. I am humble though I tend to be fearful at times when meeting individuals for the first time…………………..

My beliefs about the world started to form while I was still in my early childhood years. While growing up with my little sister, I felt that my parents were given more attention to her than to me. This made me have the feeling that my parents did not love me the way they loved her. Letter on in life, this past life has had a negative impact in my life. For a long period of time, I have always had the belief that wherever I go, there will always be a person who is more preferred over me…………………

There are additional similar events of the past which have helped me develop into the person that I am. Before my sister came into being, my parents were highly overprotective. They were always concerned about where I was, was it is that was talking to me. They also warned me not to accept any food staff from non-family members………………….

Indeed, just as Murray puts it that those who write have just a few topics and that he keeps revisiting some topics, these topics are as a result of traits that we develop out of the experiences we go through in our life. Since the writing depends on these experiences, it becomes autobiographical (Murray 67)………………