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Self-Study from “All Writing is Autobiography”

The notion that all that is written is autobiography has been conceptualized by Donald Murray. Murray clarifies writing by revealing habits, practices and processes of writers. His overall point is that All Writing is Autobiography”. Murray starts by narrating his varying experiences in writing. The fact that Murray has published numerous forms of writing such as fiction, poetry, academic articles, columns in the newspaper, and textbook among other forms helps to give his claims more credibility. Murray shares one of the poems he wrote and a conversation he had with Brock, one of his friends. The author says that individuals are autobiographical in the way they write. Individuals see, say, frame and decide to order things in ways that differ. Likewise, writers tend to be ergo autobiographical. As a result, our voice, our history, and our life cannot be overlooked when reading what we have written. By considering the implications of his arguments, it is clear that all writings can be traced to what is believed to be correct by the writer. Thus, writing is always personal (Murray, 67).

I feel it unimaginable that my past has had a major impact on me. However, this provides me with confidence that I can change any negative perceptions I have about the world. Due to experiences that I went through in life, I developed certain deep-seated beliefs. Furthermore, I developed certain personality traits in order to fulfill my needs, though it took me a lot of time to be aware of them. Due to the experiences, I developed feelings of being lonely, anxious and stressful. Moreover, I acquired low self-esteem, a trait that I have struggled with up to today.  My beliefs about the world started to form while I was still in my early childhood years. While growing up with my little sister, I felt that my parents were giving to her more attention as compared to me. This made me have the feeling that they did not love me the way they loved her. Later on in life, this past life has had a negative impact in my life.All Writing is Autobiography