Air Crash Investigation: British Air Tours Flight 28

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Air Crash Investigation: British Air Tours Flight 28

Following the crash that led to the deaths of 54 passengers, an investigation revealed that the chief cause British Air Tours Flight 28 was engine failure. This had generated a fire and huge smoke, the two end factors that exacerbated………….

As can be seen clearly from watching the video, combustor number nine can on the port engine had developed a crack which had not been detected in advance. This was due to fatigue of thermal fluids, which can…………..

Having investigated the hardware component of the cause of the accident, it is now time to look at environmental component too………..

Following this unfortunate occurrence, various measures have been put in place to ensure that such a repeat of an accident does is never witnessed. One of such measures involved improving upon evacuation……….

While such measures may not guarantee that no deaths will occur, they minimize the chances of loss of lives………