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Against Poor Food Choices

Major corporations rely on advertisements to get into the people’s head. Advertisements almost always attract consumers to particular products and these corporations sell big because consumers flock to their businesses desiring the advertised product for themselves. The consumer culture is big in a lot of developed countries and people love to buy products for any reason or no reason at all. It is up to the best advertiser to figure out ways to best convince a customer. Today, however, people have realized the power of advertisements and some are rebelling against the idea of being wrongfully exploited and this is where we get people fighting adverts and people against the consumerism culture.

The words are written in white bold words except for the McDonald’s sign and the message reads ‘EAT FAST, DIE YOUNG’.  The ‘E’ in eat shows people that when they start eating fast food they will die early as represented in the ‘E’ in die. Although the “E’ sign represents the McDonald’s sign, it can be representative of any other fast food place.Against Poor Food Choices

The inverted McDonald’s sign is used instead of the letter ‘E’ but is a representative of the fast food restaurant, because it is its logo. The colors used in the advertisement (red white and yellow) are the same ones that McDonald’s have in their logo and the colors also represent the color scheme of the restaurant.

The message in the advert aims at discouraging consumers from eating fast food because it is harmful to their health. The message specifically discourages consumers from eating at McDonald’s because the McDonald’s logo has been used as the letter ‘E’ in the words ‘EAT’ and ‘DIE’. This ad aims at taking apart the McDonald restaurant by bringing to the attention of the reader that it is talking about McDonald’s by using their color scheme. Red, yellow and white are the colors in the McDonald’s employees’ uniforms as well as the color painted on the McDonald’s walls. Using these specific colors helps the consumer to get the message that they should stop eating at McDonald’s if they don’t want to die. The words ‘eat fast,’ represent the kind of food served at the restaurant which is, fast foods which are mostly deep fried and include fries and burgers. Fizzy sugary drinks are also served despite being unhealthy. The next words ‘die young’ come below ‘eat fast’ to represent that death is a big possibility for people who consume fast food.Against Poor Food Choices

All these parts of the advert (the colors, the McDonald’s logo and the specific words) work together to bring together the message that people need to stop eating at McDonald’s specifically and even any other restaurant that serves fast food. McDonald’s is a giant corporation that has food outlets in every major state and has a huge client list. They are a corporation that can be used as an example of powerful advertisement because they have the resources to put together major advertisements on billboards, on fliers, in magazines and even online. This particular advertisement hopes to get people from falling for the McDonald’s advertisements by bringing the idea of poor food choices at McDonald’s. It is an ad that counteracts previous McDonald’s ads.

McDonald’s is not the only restaurant on the chopping board. The circle in the logo might also implicate Burger King as they also serve fast food. The red color used in the logo is also used in KFC which is another fast food joint. The creators of the ad buster simply want to educate people that no fast food joint serves healthy food despite their constant advertisements, which promote their dishes.Against Poor Food Choices

This is an example of people going against the idea of consumers being constantly bombarded with the image of food at McDonald’s even when the food is not always healthy. This may be a health campaign advert and a campaign against advertising fast food as a daily food option which is not good.