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Afghan Chopan Bakery & Diner

Current Market Mixing

Afghan Chopan Bakery & Diner is not just your normal restaurant across the street. A brand name they have made for themselves. Marketing mix has greatly helped them in becoming what they are today. To begin with, they have worked towards their product provision by doing a unique product design. The establishment provides a diverse food menu starting from appetizers, main meals, drinks and deserts. The foods are made carefully from scratch using a variety of fresh ingredients. While the premise is small, they provide food to meet everyone’s expectations.

In Afghan Chopan bakery and diner, you get topnotch customer service. The first impression sets you in the mood of a good experience. The staff are always smiling, welcoming and treat the clients with helpful attitude which gets you prepared and expecting excellent services. They provide professional service by assisting clients in making wise decisions regarding meals and accompaniments. Besides the excellent services, the diner also provides a variety of custom-made specials made with the chef’s love.

The diner is famous for providing the best price margins in the area. Albeit the uniqueness and high quality of services and products provided, the establishment still maintains pocket friendly and area-standardized prices. This has lured many clients from the different social and economic classes.

The establishment’s main customer retention strategy involves a combination of different factors. The company combines both digital and offline experience. They have a beautiful and informative website which not only gives a presentation of their products but also opens you to the service expectations. They also do offline marketing promotions through print and billboards. While in the diner, you get entertained to a memorable dine in experience. Their menu is presentable and luring with a classy selection of paper and font. As of the last financial year, the establishment realized a gross margin of 52% which implies good progress but still, there is room for improvement and a lot to be achieved.

Afghan Chopan Bakery & Diner currently has two branches which are strategic; location 1, Richmond Center Mall and location 2, Westminster Hwy. the strategic location of the diners ensures a constant customer streaming in.

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