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Advertisement Gone Wrong

In the film ‘Consuming Kids’, I was hoping to learn why kids are attached to particular items and the main problem behind kids advertising. The film fulfilled all these and went beyond my expectation. I learnt that advertising for kids is everywhere including at school and even the science behind getting into the minds of children at an earlier age. The film opened my eyes to the fact that the problem is bigger than I expected.

I learnt a lot that I had not expected. I learnt that television shows for kids are not as educational as promised and that children are better off playing in the field. I learnt that all the media that young children are exposed to affects their learning in the early ages by affecting their concentration. I was surprised to learn that the government does not care what its young nation is exposed to. I thought that these advertisements begun recently, I learnt that the problem begun as early as the 70s. I learnt that deregulation is the beginning of all the trouble. Prior to watching the film, I thought that most diabetic kids get it from their parents but was shocked to learn that it is because they are hardly playing. It was also surprising to learn that television and all other media exposed to kids are increasing chances of depression. It is no wonder that most adults today suffer depression. This is because it was a part of them since childhood.Advertisement Gone Wrong

The film focused on girls a lot because in my view, they are the most affected. While boy advertisements challenge them to be superheroes, girls from an early age are taught that they are judged by their looks and what they wear as well as what they own. Girls are also more likely to be influenced by girls their age who seem cool and naturally, while boys want to be children forever, girls want to feel like adults earlier. Girls are also more likely to want to fit in.

The trends explained in the film are not so new. They are mostly old tactics that are better researched today and thus have more influence on kids. This means that while children in the past saw advertisements and asked for stuff, they did not spend as much money as today. Today, children are using their own money and nagging parents about the coolest thing in the market as soon as it appears because they have seen it advertised everywhere. This means that America is headed towards a future with low moral values, poor attitudes, poor lifestyles and eventually a sick nation if nothing is done to change the story.

The ad executive means that the industry simply does not care about the harm they are causing. It is their constitutional right to make money and since they are not breaking any laws that it is perfectly okay to continue advertising. The advertisement world does not care about morals or health.Advertisement Gone Wrong