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Adaptive teaching can be referred to as an approach aimed at attaining a common instructional objective with learners whose individuals differences such as aptitude, prior achievement or learning styles differ. According to Borich (2011), adaptive teaching applies discordant instructional strategies to distinct groups of learners so that the natural diversity that is present in the classroom does not hinder any learner from attaining success. Based on this understanding, two significant approaches are adopted in adaptive teaching, that is, compensatory approach and remediation approach. As Ikwumelu, Oyibe and Oketa (2015) assert, while the remediation approach tends to be proactive in nature, the compensatory approach is normally reactive.

When it comes to learning, a learner in the remediation approach is provided with the prerequisite or basic skill or knowledge necessary for him or her to benefit from the planned instruction, for instance, question and answer session or student-centered discussion. However, in the compensatory approach, the choice of an instructional method or adaptive learning method is based on its effectiveness in compensating for lack of prerequisite or basic skills and knowledge among the learners. Adaptive teaching is also related to adaptive learning in that there are certain instructional strategies that are salient to both approaches. These instructional strategies include student-centered tasks and presentation, cooperative grouping and self-directed learning. Each of these instructional strategies is capable of yielding exemplary results depending on the experience and learning strength of the learners, as well as, proper judgment by teachers. For instance, cooperative grouping encourages adaptive learning especially since learners interact with each other as they strive to foster the task performance of fellow group members.Adaptive teaching


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