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Adaptive Learning Project Plan

Most adaptive learning systems focus on fostering student learning achievements through a single source of personalization information, for instance, cognitive style, learning style or prior achievement. I would like to develop an adaptive learning system that focuses on two sources of personalization information. The two main personalization information that the adaptive learning project will be based on are learning style and learning demeanor.

This adaptive learning system will be crucial in helping teachers create adaptive subject materials for education and science courses by deriving personalization information from the learning styles and learning demeanors of the students. With regard to adaptive learning, the two sources of personalization information will make it easy for students to learn by signing up for platforms that suit their different needs and preferences.


The adaptive learning system will comprise of eight modules namely:

  • Tutoring Platform: Provides adaptive teaching and test for learners based on each learner’s ability, learning style and learning efficiency.
  • User-Profile Database:
  • Item Bank
  • Learning Style Database
  • Course Editing Platform: Allows teachers to access the item bank and the subject material database.
  • System Management Module: Allows the system administrator to access the user-profile database, subject material database and the item bank.
  • Subject Material Database: the adaptive learning system will have five versions of subject materials implemented in the system to offer personalized learning environments for learners with discordant learning achievements and learning styles.
  • Learning State Database

Contents to be delivered-adaptive Learning Project Plan

It is vital to note that during the learning process, the adaptive learning system that is based on two sources of personalization information will take note of the online demeanors of each learner such as idle time, learning time, unit test score, difficulty level, response time and unit learning efficiency. Moreover, a test will performed by the learners for each subject unit to assess their learning achievements and determine the probable version of the following subject unit.

Design, web contents and open contents

The adaptive learning system will be designed in such a way that it has three interfaces; administrator interface, teachers interface and students interface. On the website, the administrator interface will have the following options or buttons:

  • Display user account
  • Create new user account
  • Alter system parameters
  • Remove user account
  • Access databases
  • Manage discussion board

The students’ learning-portfolio interface will have the following options or buttons:

  • Start of learning time
  • Unit title
  • Difficulty level
  • End of learning time

Difficulty Level

The adaptive learning system will use the student profiles to determine difficulty levels of the subject materials. For instance, when a leaner takes an Education course, the system will determine the difficulty level based on spatial skill and analytic skill values. On the other hand, when a leaner takes a Science course, the system will determine the difficulty level based on analytic skill values only. This means that distinct criteria will be utilized in determining the difficulty levels for discordant courses.

In situations whereby a learner passes a unit test, he or she will be allowed to proceed to the next unit, but also permitted to re-learn the unit with a lower difficulty level. In addition, high unit scores and high learning effectiveness depicted by a student will result in an increase in the difficulty level of his or her next unit. A student who exhibits low unit scores and low learning effectiveness will have a lower difficulty level in his or her next unit.

Media and additional resources

The adaptive learning system will have various learning resources that students can access to help them in their learning. These will include books, journals, articles and links to additional online resources that the students can use in preparing themselves for the unit tests. Media content will comprise of tutorials and videos of lessons given by teachers. External media will also be accessible via the website through the links to videos on other websites such as YouTube.

Learners targeted-adaptive Learning Project Plan

The adaptive learning system will focus mainly on postsecondary education. This means that the system will target higher education students or learners. Nonetheless, this does not mean that leaners below this education level cannot learn through this platform. Learners who consider themselves capable of taking the course can do so and determine whether they are able to pass the tests or not.