Buy Existing Paper - According to Aristotle, what is the best and worst type of government?


  1. List and define the two political socialization variables that impact your political views the most. Thoroughly explain your answers. Included in your explanation should be personal examples.

Media coverage
Media coverage has in the recent past replaced the impacts of other variables on people’s political beliefs. The media provides information access to a larger audience with regards to the political situations. To begin with, from media, we can all access the candidates’ manifestos, previous achievements as well as vast and informed analysis of the person in question by analysts and scholars. In my personal experience, I have previously relied on the media to reach to a final decision regarding the candidate I want to vote for. Again, using the media have been able to research on certain controversial issues in the political scene which in many cases comes in handy in my making informed decisions with regards to what direction should I opine.

  1. In Aristotle’s Politics there is a discussion on what constitutes someone having citizenship. According to Aristotle, who should be considered citizens?  Do you agree or disagree?  Thoroughly explain your rationale.

Aristotle approaches a divergent way in defining who is a citizen and what constitutes the legality of one to become a citizen. While the current situation gives weight to acquiring citizenship by birth, Aristotle disagreed with that particular school of thought as it would have made the kids born to slaves automatically citizens. According to him, there is more to becoming a citizen than just living or being born in the country. He believes that citizenship is for the privileged class ad should not be given to slaves, women, menial and manual workers and foreigners.

I do not agree with his thinking. Besides having been born in the United States of America, the descendants to the slaves know nowhere else that they can call home. The menial and manual workers also, their lacking better opportunities does not disqualify them from being citizens. It is important to note that, the resources available might not after all be available to everyone which makes most of the manual workers disadvantaged in nature. The best option would therefore be to help them rather than alienating and banishing them.

  1. What is a philosopher-king?
    Philosopher king is basically an idea as per which is the best form of government. Apparently in accordance with idea, philosophers rule. The philosopher king idea was influential during the Roman Empire after which it was revived in European political thought at the time absolutist monarchs.
    Who was the theorist that developed that concept?
    Plato was the theorist that developed the concept through his dialogue republic as part of the vision of just a city.
    Do you agree with this concept?
    I agree with the first part of the theory; adapting the design includes soldiers and guardians who sacrifice their time and resources to virtuously and selflessly lead and protect the community. The last part however; the children and wives living communally, I detest.
    Why or why not? Having a security and service system goes a long way in positively impacting the society in all dimensions. A secure and peaceful society translates to cohesive existence, good relations and unity which is key in any development related attempt.
  2. According to Leo Strauss, how does the focus on change in political action turn into political philosophy? Explain your answer in detail.

Leo Strauss has been conferred as one of the greatest thinkers in the twentieth century from his thought invoking research which triggered a plethora of developmental changes in the modern and ancient political philosophy. Through his publications of penetrating interpretations of writing and his strong defense for natural rights, he opened a possibility for people to study politics, rights and enforcement of a legal code by authority which translates to political philosophy.

  1. According to Aristotle, what is the best and worst type of government? What are two disadvantages to what he deems as the best type of government and what are two advantages to his worst type of government?

The best government according to Aristotle is Politeia while at the same time, he disregards democracy. Politeia is an otherwise mixed government whereby, in which all citizens “rule and are ruled by turn”, and power is monopolized by no specific class.
Politeia however, has some disadvantages; It is hard to achieve, and It is also hard to sustain

On the hand, the advantages of democracy are; It is most likely to protect the people’s rights and It is also less likely to make huge mistakes in a hurry