A ten-minute Presentation on an assigned topic of the week



A ten-minute Presentation on an assigned topic of the week

Title of the topic: Assessing Financial Conditions

  1. Overview of the Topic

Assessment of the financial condition means the determination of whether the government has got the capacity to meet its long-term as well as the short-run obligations or not. There are several ways in which the government can evaluate its final conditions. One of this entails the application of accounting principles which indicate the financial position of the central administration. For example, the government employs a group of financial analysts who prepare books of accounts such as the statement of financial position as well as the statement of cash flows. The cash flows indicate the sources of money from the government and the way in which the cash is being spent.

Similarly, the application of financial ratios is imperative in assessing the financial condition of the government, for instance, the current ratio helps the government in the understanding of the availability of resources essential to meet its obligations.

  1. Current Event Related to the Topic of the Week A ten-minute Presentation on an assigned topic of the week

One current event related to the topic of this week is the monthly tax payments by all the employees in the country since it is almost the end of the month.  The tax is the source of revenue for the government which determines the government’s ability to meet its obligations.

  1. The importance of this topic to public administration, in general, and to specifically to public financial management

-This topic is vital to public administration because it enables the government to obtain information on whether the sources of revenue have the element of uncertainty or not.

-Generally, the topic is important because it enlightens the students on the importance of assessing financial conditions and educates them on how to determine whether the government can meet its obligations.

-For public financial management, this topic is critical because it gives us the books of accounts that should be applied in the process of public financial management. For instance, the utilization of statement of cash flows and the statement of the financial position

  1. 2-3 Questions for critical Discussion A ten-minute Presentation on an assigned topic of the week
  2. Are there any gaps that need to be filled in the assessment of the financial conditions?
  3. Has the government been performing well in the assessment of the financial conditions?
  4. What should the citizens of the nation do if they realize that the government cannot meet its obligations?