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About the story William Faulkner “A Rose for Emily”

“A Rose for Emily” is one of William Faulkner’s most popular, most anthologized, and most famous short stories. It evokes the words grotesque and Southern gothic, the two types of literature that the general tone is one of terror, understated violence, and gloom. This story is a best example of terror and gloom because it contains images of a decaying mansion, a murder, a decaying mansion and a corpse among other horrible images. It was first published in 1930 and it is one the most popular short stories in the literature world. This paper will analyze this story and discuss several critics related to it.

Most discussions of “A Rose for Emily” revolve around a lady called Miss Emily Grierson, who was an aristocratic lady. She was admired deeply by a community, which regarded her highly and considered her as a duty and a tradition. Even though the community held her in high regard, it is later discovered that she is a woman who poisons and murders Homer Barron, who was her lover. After committing this heinous crime, she goes ahead and keeps the rotting corpse of her lover in her bedroom. She sleeps next to the dead body for several years. It is the contrast between the unspeakable acts and secrets of Emily and her aristocratic standing in the society that creates the basis of this story (Robinette and Faulkner, 1983).

Since the Emily’s family held themselves above the rest in the community, her father did not allow her to have social or casual relationships in the community. . In the story, it is mentioned that her father did not consider any young men in the community as being good enough for her daughter (Robinette and Faulkner, 1983). As a result, she becomes very desperate and crave for human love to an extent that she kills her lover and sleep next to his dead body for several years.