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A Reflection of Management 302 Class

Nothing in my previous experience would have prepared me for the self-realization that this class bestowed on me. I took the lessons in empowerment, communication and motivation to heart and I have never been better prepared for the work environment as I now am. Previously, I only thought of my future job in terms of what the work I would be given to do and never about my interaction with the rest of my co-workers.

Empowerment was one important lesson. I have always thought that that I should expect other people to empower me and that empowerment was a reserve for particular qualified people. In this class, I learnt that empowerment is more about helping individuals achieve their potential as well as furthering the potential of the organization. For the first time in my life, I knew that I could be the source of empowerment. This class helped me understand that empowerment is simply helping those I work with. I will aspire to learn their goals, what success is to them and give them the necessary information to help in their plans towards a better life. I learnt that I will never claim to be an effective leader if I am not able to help the company as well as other employees to fulfill their dreams.

Communication was not very new to me. My teachers have always insisted on the power of listening if a person wants to get the best out of a situation. In this class however, I understood that communication was the most relevant tool to get any work done in an organization. In my future career aspirations, I plan to communicate to those I am responsible for by giving direct and clear messages to individuals. Sometimes, people don’t take what they are told seriously because they assume that other people can assume the responsibility. By giving direct instructions to those intended, I will solve this problem. This class has helped me to understand that it is not enough to talk and expect others to listen but that as a leader, I am also responsible for the other part of communication which is listening. I believe that by being a better listener, I will be able to understand people better and understand their capabilities and we will be able to do a better job.A Reflection of Management 302 Class

Expectancy theory was a new concept to me and I was able to connect how it relates to motivated workers. I am now better equipped to seek out what motivates the people around me and what they expect that a particular job will do for them as well as how high their expectations are. I aspire to be a manager once I finish school and I always wondered what to do to retain the best employees. This class gave me the answer, I only need to be interested enough about my juniors and learn what makes them happy. I will strive to learn why they chose their job and what they expected to gain from it and make sure that their goals and dreams come true. By having satisfied employees, my responsibilities for them will be much easier and I will not have to push them to work. Satisfied employees also work hard and produce quality work as they are comfortable at the work place.

The lessons I got from this class are for keeps. I am glad for the experience and I will honor this class by practicing all that I have learnt about organizational behavior by being good at my job.A Reflection of Management 302 Class